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Avoid Work At Home Scams Online

A beginners guide to avoiding online scams working from home

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Don’t Be A Victim Of Online Fraud

The evolution of the Internet has paved the way for the opening of many doors of opportunities to make life easier, such as working from home. However, with as much number of opportunities for you to make money, the same amount of opportunities there are for some low-life scumbag to try and deceive you out of your hard-earned cash and I for one want to help as many people as I can to not fall into the trap that so many people have fallen into (Myself Included)

So please read this carefully if you are new to all this and I will explain to you all how you can Avoid The Work From Home Scams Online

This is the bitter truth. Work from home scams should not be a problem for you to attain success from working at home. You have to battle your way through it with a little caution and safety measures on your part, and I can assure you that you will land a legitimate work from home business opportunity.
For you to attain that success, you should get to know the measures of how you can avoid signing up for the scams.



Here are some remarkable tips that specialists suggest for you not to get tricked by such kind of frauds.

1. How To Tell If An Online Job Is Legitimate

Online companies that provide such jobs will try to lure you with attractive advertisements. Before you join any business on the web, you need to research thoroughly by researching about the company and do a business background check.
You should go through the job providers website carefully. If the site is not professionally built or has got plenty of errors in their content, it is better to avoid no matter how good the deal is. You can alternatively checkout history of complaints by visiting Better Business Bureau.

If the company is unreliable, you will find complaints from people.

2. Make Sure They Are Going To Pay You
getting paid by the man

You should at first read carefully about the profession they are looking for. Additionally, you should see if they do have a salary for you. If not indicated in the job posting, try to find out by asking if there would be a salary, inquire about how often you would get paid and the means of how you’ll get your payment. e.g., in the form of a commission. You should also ask what kind of equipment, whether hardware or software, you would need to have in order to do the job they have advertised.

3. It’s Not Quick to Get Money

You should also avoid those work from home scams that assure or guarantee you with financial success, wealth, or other promises such as getting wealthy fast. Try your best to stay away from listings which provide incredibly high income within part-time working hours. Such web companies with these vast promises would not do any of what they say.

There is one place that I have been working with that genuinely helped me get to where I am today and told me that it wasn’t going to be easy, and that’s when I realized that they were the real deal. You can read all about them Here if you want to.

4. Do Not Send Moneysending money through your laptop

This is probably the most common mistake that people do. Number one rule in avoiding being scammed; Never Send Money! If the company asks you to pay money for software, training materials, or other things that are needed for the job, you should realize that such sites are scam sites and keep off from them totally.

They only want to loot you and gain your personal information. You should be aware of the fact that you can easily find good work from home jobs that will not require you to spend any money. There is no way you make big profits quickly. To earn money through online jobs, you have to work hard.

If they are a genuine corporation and employer, like what they claim to be, they would never charge anyone to choose them or just to get the task started.

5. Contact Support For The Website

The website should have a ‘Contact Us’ side by phone and possibly their location details. If you are not able to locate this, then it is a sure indication that something is not valid. Genuine online paid research websites will have a distinctly visible contact page.

If you have any questions or something does not seem as it should be, go ahead and contact the survey company. You should be able to ask questions by phone or by email and receive a response in a reasonable time. If you do not get a response, then beware it may not be legitimate.

6. Get References With Thorough Researchingpaperwork full of lists

If you are having doubts on the company’s reputation, credibility, and legitimacy, you can inquire or request from them a list of some of their contractors or employees and see how the work at home enterprise worked for them. Once you get the list, you should contact the given reference and ask him/her questions about how the job is working out. If your prospective firm refuses to provide you with references to names, phone number or even email addresses, then it would be advised that you do not consider this opportunity.

7. Check With Anti-Scam Agencies And Sites

There are plenty of places where you can genuinely check for fraudsters online and below are just a few that I have picked out which you should definitely check out whenever you need to see if a company online is legit or not.

  • Which is the official site for the National Fraud Information Center. They have listings of work at home scams, both online and offline ones. They may also help you if you have been scammed.
  • That I mentioned earlier which is the official website of the Better Business Bureau. They specialize in helping victims of work at home scams.
  • Is another excellent resource for victims of scams, particularly Internet scams.
  • Which publishes articles about work at home scams. You’ll also find many more resources about work from home scams through a quick Google search.

8. Customer Testimonials

Look for customer testimonials on their sites and by keying in the word “scams” together with the name or keywords of the website in the search engines or something like that whenever you perform a search. If you can’t find any valid testimonials, then there might be something fishy going on. If those search engines found a considerable amount of articles claiming that this particular site or opportunity to make money online is indeed a scam, then you have to start thinking twice.

9. Read The Smallprintalways read the small print

All sites that are promising you the world will have somewhere that has all the T&Cs which we all just scroll past and not read any of it but you have to read every little detail before you sign anything. Don’t pretend that you have never done that before because I know I have.

10. Avoid Search Engine Ads

You would be better off using the top page of search engines as opposed to the adverts that are near the top of the page that people pay for as anybody can pay for advertisements.

I am not saying ALL ads are dodgy but just be aware of them and try looking for something that Google has put on the top page themselves first before checking out the adverts.

11. Ignore Suspicious Sites as Fast as Possible

Look away and move on as soon as possible to the next work from home opportunity in line because the more you spend time reading or checking out these programs or sites, that promise you instant online success, the more you likely to be charmed or brainwashed by their words and tricks.

Take a look at this brilliant post by to see a great example of just one of the scams that are out there today.

12. Question The Employer

Before joining an online work from home job, you should ask numerous questions to your employer to clear your doubts. ask questions to get the answers you needYou can ask questions like:

  • What will be my job profile?
  • Will I be paid on payroll basis or commission basis?
  • How am I going to receive the payment?
  • Who is the person that will pay me?

Depending on the answers given to the above questions, then you can make a sober decision whether to take the deal or not.

13. Do Not Reveal Sensitive Information

No matter how important it is, do not disclose confidential information about yourself such as personal information, where you stay and banking details, etc. A legitimate company will never ask you for such information. If an illegitimate company comes to know such information they can easily become your worst nightmare and take everything you have, so be careful.

14. Spam Messages/emailsno junk mail to avoid online scams and working from home

Ignoring spam messages and emails is in a similar sense as steering away far from that wicked path that might lead you to become a helpless victim of these scams.

This is because most, if not all, of these spam messages, are the same sick scams or maybe even worse. It’s best not to waste time sorting them out and just leave them there in your ‘Spam’ folder to rot, or you could always hit the ‘Delete’ button if you want to.

There are better things that you can do to work from home that is worthy of your time.

15. Check The Sales Page of The Website

There is really so much information on a sales page that just tells you that merchandise or program is nothing but purely a hype. However, there is also legitimate work from home opportunities that use excited sales pages to generate traffic as well as clients and revenue. It’s actually an industry secret, but still, I insist on letting you guys know the truth.

16. Take Action Against Fraud

If you were fallen prey to work from home frauds on the web, you should post your complaint on Better Business Bureau. You can also approach cyber cops and let them know how you have been conned.

17. Have Second Thoughts on The Matter?lightbulb thinking

If something appears too genuine to be true, then it probably is! There is nothing wrong to have second thoughts on an offer that is presented to you. It is also vital that you carefully read whatever kind of suggestions given to you.
These are just some of the useful tips that I can suggest for now on how you can avoid online work from home scams.

It is true that working from home by the use of the Internet can give you tons of benefits. However, caution is still an essential factor for you to consider while indulging in this.

One Last Thing Before You Leave

The reason I have written this for you all is that I really do want to help you to understand that there are some dodgy online companies out there that just want your money and have no intentions of helping you at all.

I only wish that I had done my research on all the things I have listed here for myself before I found the perfect place to start my successful online business. I got seriously scammed online myself and it wasn’t a pretty site for my bank account and I wouldn’t wish for that to happen to my worst enemy.

You Can See How I Earn My Money And How I Built My Business Right Here If You Are Serious About Learning The Right Way And Not The Quick And Easy Way Which Usually Raises Alarm Bells With Me When I Hear That.

Whatever you do online you should always be safe with the details that you enter, no matter what website you are on and follow what I have talked about in this post and you will be OK.

Good Luck In Your Future Online Venture And Take Care

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14 comments on “Avoid Work At Home Scams Online

This website is superb in helping online job seekers to avoid scammers. It’s site is very informative, with deep sense of the need specially for the new searchers how to earn a descent income not to become new victims of scammers. The images add more life to its presentation while reading a very helpful content, the links it has provided means, it wants to help with urgency more than what it will earn, the content and how it is presented is trustworthy, logical, factual and beneficial. I can recommend this site especially to all very excited online job lookers to be cautious and decide intelligently before releasing theirs hard-earned money. Five stars*.


Wow, thanks for that amazing comment, you can keep coming back if you want to. lol. Seriously though, I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I did so I wanted to warn people of what to look out for.


I have seen my family members get scammed so often that as soon as I hear of some great opportunity, I yell “SCAM!” RUN AWAY!

I appreciate how well you have laid out so many things to watch for so we may improve our odds of not getting scammed.

Thank you


It can really affect peoples lives if they get scammed by those low lives online, hopefully this post will get shared to warn as many people as it can, thanks for stopping by


I think you have a fantastic list of things to look for in an online job. You really covered a lot of bases here. One thing I have questioned lately is the BBB. I see companies with impressive ratings, and then you read the reviews and they are all negative. I don’t understand how they can have a good rating with such negative reviews. I do know businesses pay a fee, so maybe membership has its privileges 🙂

Your list is very comprehensive, and I think the most important one is #2 – Make sure they are going to pay you!! After all, that’s what we all want right? Thanks for sharing, this is great information to keep in mind.


Payments and teaching people is why I do what I do so if I get those things right I am one happy bunny 🙂


These are all great suggestions for avoiding online scams. The sad truth is that there are more scams out there than legit opportunities, and they must be pretty successful to multiply so much…what it shows is that people are eager for ways to make money from home, online, so I’m grateful for sites like yours that help guide me in the right directions!


That is a shame, but it’s true I’m afraid and that is why we should all know what to look for before signing up for anything online


Hi Matt,

Another great post. yes there are so many work at home scams doing the rounds. They must use good copywriters as I do get sucked into reading a lot of their sales letter before I wake up to the fact it is a scam.

You explain really well how to pick a scam. A lot have fake emails to and that is a dead giveaway however many older people with little or no internet experience get scammed a lot and can lose big dollars.

Sharing this for others to read. Cheers,



Thanks Kevin, Yes you are right, It only takes someone with little experience online to think that they are onto a good thing but before they know it their bank account has been cleared out which is what nearly happened to me.


Amazing insights Shwni =) I was a “willing” victim before in an online job. I learned my lesson big time. I now have several red flags when dealing with online companies. Interestingly, there are those that are really legit but sadly, the scammers out-number them. Thanks for these pieces of advice. This is a must-read especially those who are starting out in this online industry. Super thanks =)


Yes it does happen more frequently than not which is a shame, but some people are just to damn greedy and have no morals, Don’t forget to drop by anytime to keep updated 🙂


Hi Shwni,

Thank you very much for this insightful and extremely article. I have listed your 17 Trusted Ways To Avoid Work At Home Scams in 2018 and also booked your website. Looking forward to more from you Shwni this year, and oh, I was here before and I see you have done some changes. Love the new design very much 🙂 .




Thanks very much Phil, always a pleasure to see a familiar face on here. Keep coming back for more information about working online and more.


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