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Become a Webcam Model Agent

earn money as a webcam modelling agent

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Become a Webcam Model, Agent, or Both

This could be your new office

Becoming a Webcam Model Agent is so much easier than you would think it would be

Now I know this might sound too good to be true

But just continue reading and you will soon see what I am talking about and you will be glad that you didn’t leave this post.

Now Listen to This

What if I told you that you could earn money by doing hardly anything, how does that sound to you?

Wouldn’t it be great if that was all you had to do is to spend 10 minutes filling out your details and then promoting something when, and wherever you want to online and potentially earn hundreds per week

Do you want to know what you have to do and how easy it is?

Let’s Get Down to the Details…

What is a Webcam Modeling Agent?

Its really easy to be an agent and you don’t need any prior experience so don’t worry about that

Basically, all you have to do is promote the website using your personal affiliate link and you get a percentage from the money that every model or agent that signs up through your link

Everything is taken care of by the staff on the website so all you have to do is get people to join, its as easy as that

If you want to read about what a webcam model is then see what our friend Wiki has to say on the subject HERE

Where Can You Become a Webcam Agent?

Become a model agent

There’s a place called IM Internet Modelling where they scout for webcam models 18+ of all sizes, gender, and ethnic background……


Before you leave, it’s not some dodgy back alley set-up, it’s a well-established company that represents over 50,000 webcam models and has over 10 million visitors per day

They are based in Florida, US and is run by a very committed team that will do everything in their power to make this new business opportunity a complete success for you

Founded in 1998 they are the most experienced online modelling agency that recruits for the largest network of adult websites worldwide

So you will be able to sign up as many web cam models as you want to and be their internet modelling agent

What do You Have to do?

All you have to do is sign up here as an Agent. (don’t panic, you won’t be a secret agent) 

The Form Below is Just a Screenshot of What You Will See When You Join…

So don’t get frustrated when you can’t fill it out

Agent application screenshot part 1

Agent form part 2

Agent form agreement screenshot part 3

^^^ Don’t Forget This Isn’t The Real Sign-up Form ^^^

How Easy Does That Look?

Once the quick and easy details have been filled in you will then be sent an e-mail to log in and then you will be given an affiliate code that if anybody clicks on it and signs up as either a model or an agent you will get a commision

Or if you fancy being a model it’s up to you but that entails doing some actual work licking your lips and shaking that booty in front of the camera and that’s like hard work isn’t it?

This review I have done goes pretty much in-depth with the whole procedure of signing up, etc

And I can say that this is one of the online modelling jobs that pay you regularly and without any hassle whatsoever

How to Make Money With IM Internet Modelling

There are a few ways to earn money here, and they are…

  1. By referring models and getting them to work as a webcam model
  2. Promoting any of IM’s websites and getting commissions every time somebody pays for any of their services
  3. Referring another agent and getting a small commission for everything they make
  4. Be a webcam model yourself (you might have to lift a few fingers doing this though)

earn money online for doing nothing as a model agent

1. Referring Models

If you refer any models you will earn 10% of the models weekly earnings and they can be making up to $1000 per week and sometimes more depending on how popular they are

So if you recruit 10 active models you could be looking at making $1000 per week or more

Or if you can get 50 active models you could be looking at making $100,000 a year for as long as that model is active…not bad for getting them to join and doing nothing else

Just think of it as being a legitimate pimp

2. Promote Their Websites

If you promote any of their websites and you get someone to sign up as a VIP and spend $27 in tokens doing whatever they do you will get $25 for every referral….again, not bad for doing hardly anything

3. Refer Another Agent

By referring another agent you will get 10% of all that agent’s earnings for as long as they are still an agent…yet again, not bad for doing nothing

4. Be a Webcam Model

You might think that you can be more than just an agent and go for it all and become a webcam model as well as being an agent

I can seriously say that you will be making so much more than just being an agent

I personally haven’t got the confidence myself but if you do then I strongly recommend that you go for it, providing you meet the webcam model criteria

Which is...

How to become a webcam model


How Much Can You Earn as a Webcam Model Agent

  • 10% lifetime revenue share from all earnings
  • They also pay $25 for every VIP member referred to the webcam network, and 35% commission for every video sold through the agent’s link
  • On average, the webcam models make between $500 and $1,000 per week working 20 to 25 hours, with some models making much more

How Much Can You Earn as a Webcam model

  •  70% revenue share of your gross earnings paid weekly with no minimums
  • – 70% lifetime revenue share paid weekly for recording or uploading videos for sale
  • – 70% revenue share from sales of used panties and other items
  • – Weekly bonus of up to 30% on earnings of over $500 from our primary webcam network

These are the brilliant perks you will get if you sign up as an agent

Webcam model advantages and perks

Joining a Webcam Website

It’s not rocket science but knowing everything this place has to offer will certainly grab your attention and you will soon want to join this awesome opportunity

Just think of the many ways to earn money with this program and that should be enough for you to join today

How Can You Promote And Advertise Your Link?

Anywhere and Everywhere

Although I wouldn’t advise letting any of your family join as a model as that would be the last thing you would want to see when you switch on the computer, wouldn’t it?

Get it on all the social media sites, forums, craigslist, free ads, or even on your own website like I’m doing here.

If you haven’t got a website you can easily create one for free he

The more people sign up through your link to be a model or an agent, the more money will start filling your bank account up

See How Much Money You Can Earn Just For Doing Online Surveys

Or Check Out How to Work as an Affiliate Marketer Here

What Are You Waiting For?

Just sign up for free here and it won’t cost you a penny only make you money so you have nothing to lose.  Yes, I will earn money if you sign up through my link but it doesn’t come out of your money that you will soon be earning.

grab this opportunity while you can


Have any Questions or Comments?

32 comments on “Become a Webcam Model Agent


I didn’t realize there was internet modeling agencies…I mean I see people on instagram who are models but I assumed they were modeling in real life, as oppose to just online. I guess you can really do anything online these days, lol. So you basically just make money from referring this agency? Is it like a pyramid scheme? You make money from the people that join below you?


Its in no way like a pyramid scheme, it only has a two tier affiliate program so anyone that joins directly below you is your affiliate so you will get commissions from them, hope that clarifies it for you 🙂


Very interesting Matthew. I’ve never heard of Leap lead.

At first when you mention Webcam model, it does sound a bit suspect. But you have always provided sound advice, so I’ll trust the expert and give it a go.

Thanks for the tip.


I agree it does sound suspect but they really are a legitimate website and there’s nothing sleezy about them whatsoever, let me know how you do with them, cheers


This hilarious ?, earn money online without lifting a finger is a wishful thinking as just mainly logging on online, you’ve certainly lifted loads of fingers for that.
Now the funny part was the idea of being a legitimate pimp …lol, boy that was funny.

Oh, don’t get me started on the online surveys idea…
Well, I’m interested in real online serious money earner, any ideas?


Apart from putting your computer on and logging in you really don’t have to do anything else apart from earn money. If you want to earn serious money though you can do so by building your own website, now thats where the serious money is just let me know if there’s any help you need to set that up for you ok


Thanks for the info, I’m interested in making money online but now I’m also interested in the world of online modelling! I never thought of affiliating with that, what a great idea! Great site btw, I’ll be back : )


Why not do both affiliate marketing and modelling, the options are there to do so


Very interesting post and a very interesting topic. It is definitely something that will capture the interest of many people.
I look forward to reading more posts from you about other online opportunities such as this one.


I’m very happy you found it interesting and I hope you are right.
Don’t forget to keep checking in for more of the same


Wow! I learn something new everyday! What an awesome idea. Thanks for the article. This is something I will definitely be checking out. What an interesting way to make money online.


It isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea but if you are happy to promote a webcam model then you might as well give it a try, after all, it’s free to give it a go.


Never you that you could find modeling agencies solely thru the internet. Do you do this? Sounds very different and somewhat interesting. I don’t know how easy it would be, but I guess doing nothing and then getting an income is not so bad. Worth looking into!


I am indeed a model agent but I haven’t had the confidence to become a webcam model myself yet but I will certainly give it a go at some point down the road and I really think it is worth looking into for sure.


I will definitely try this because it looks like a great income source. I have try this with Chaturbate in the past but I have never tried with Internet Modeling. 10% is not small at all and it is known how much this webcam models make. I especially like that we do not need to some hard work, just promote our links and that’s it.


Exactly, just promote and earn 🙂


Hi – thanks so much for bringing this opportunity to my attention.

It’s always good to get the inside scoop on new affiliate earning routes.

Is it possible to still be an affiliate if you also join as a model?

What sort of restrictions are there for becoming a mode;?

Thanks for any advice!


You can be an affiliate, a model, and a model agent at the same time if you wanted to. Not really any restrictions for being a webcam model, as long as you are not shy I suppose

Chrissie Spurgeon

It is always interesting to hear about another affiliate marketing opportunity, but this does sound rather sleazy, as you say.

I would really want to know what the models are expected to do before considering this as an agent, I definitely would not want to be a model, But I would need to know that the models were completely safe before recommending it.

The idea of sitting back and making money is of course very appealing, but are you sure that it is completely ethical?

But I found your post fascinating – I had no idea that such things existed! Many thanks for the info.

Chrissie 🙂


Ethical, yes, is it for everybody?… No. I personally wouldn’t be promoting this service on my website if I thought for one second that it wasn’t a truly safe, and well organised business


Wow, I didn’t know there is such a thing as a webcam model agent. Nowadays, one doesn’t even have to go outside since literally everything can be done via the internet lol. Actually that job sounds pretty interesting, maybe I’ll give it a shot some time. Thanks for sharing this article!


It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it’s just easy money to be honest with you. Good luck if you try it out yourself


Haha, this was an entertaining read! You surely have a way in writing. 🙂

This would indeed be interesting if you knew aspiring models. Unfortunately I don’t think one of my friends would be interested and they probably laugh at me for trying to pimp them. 🙂

However I’m sure there’s a target for this and I’m sure money is to be made if you have the right connections.


Without a doubt, I am making a full-time income just from this work alone. If you don’t try then you will never know your earning potential 🙂


Thanks for the information. As much as I am interested in making money online how much more I am interested in the world of online modelling! 

It never crossed my mind to do never affiliate marketing with that, it is a very great idea! and a Great site. 

Surely bookmark your site and will be back.


I’m glad you are coming back, I will keep posting other great ways to earn money online


Hello Shwni,

I do not see myself as a model but as an agent, an interesting way to earn extra money. If the company is serious as you explain, it would be a good product to promote. 

Query: I live in Argentina and I can not seem to promote. Can you tell me?. I await your response. 

Regards! Claudio


Hi Claudio, unfortunately, IM Internet Modeling does not accept agents or models from the following countries: Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Romania, Colombia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Madagascar, Kenya, Suriname, Ghana, Indonesia, Thailand, Jamaica, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Albania, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Ecuador, Republic Of Georgia, Latvia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Lybia.

No mention of Argentina so I’m not sure why you can’t sign up. If you are still facing the same problem just let me know and I will see what I can do to get you in ok 🙂

Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

Another great online opportunity, you are awesome Shwni, I have been following you and you have opened so many online opportunities for me.

 I would prefer to promote Webcam models, 10% of each webcam model seems a great deal, again weekly payments sounds a great deal. 

I have signed up as an Agent, and I want to start create content around that on my website.

Again, thank you so much.  


Ah, thanks man,  it really is a simple job to do online and you could earn a serious living from just this one job. Let me know how well you do with i5 ok 🙂


Hi, Shwni

Thanks for sharing this article.

It is funny that today everything can be done via the internet. You can learn any course you can imagine, any language in the world.

Even shopping – who thought about shopping via the internet twenty years ago.Those days the very  idea to buy vegetables via Internet sounded rather crazy.

So I do not think that internet modelling sounds sleazy. Humanity is entering a new technological era. The world is changing fast around us and we are being changed one and all to adjust ourselves to something new


Exactly!don’t get more wrong though there are some dodgy websites out there that I wouldn’t go near with a barge pole but this one is seriously legit and I’ve earned some serious money being a webcam model agent. Give it a try, like I said, all you have to do is sign up as an affiliate and start promoting the website, simples,  lol


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