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Best Way To Make Money Online – Without Getting Your Clothes Off

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Keep Your Kit On

“What do you mean taking your clothes off online?”  Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean guys and gals you know exactly what sites im talking about.

The ones with the dreadful wallpaper in the background and the crappy music on loud so her parents or flatmates can’t hear hear typing and giggling at what “BIGBOY” just asked her to do on the Web cam.

Yes you do, dont lie!

Anyway, that’s enough of talking about what I do on a weekend, how’s Woman on the phoneabout we talk about the Best Way To Make Money Online.

Getting online

It’s true, you don’t have to take your clothes off to make a bit of cash all you need is a way to get online which most people nowadays can do, and you’re good to go.

I have tried many ways of trying to make money online over the years, some successful and some not but the best way I found is to have my own website like this one that you are reading here.

Getting a website is easy as it’s free, running it like a business however can get quite tough at times but the rewards are second to none!

Easy ways to make money online

Now if you are looking for easy ways to make some money online then there are options out there for you but you won’t see the benefits like you will with your own website.

Here are just a few easy ways

These can all earn you easy money but it won’t get you rich, if it’s great money you want you have to have you’re own website which can earn you collateral for the rest of your life if you do it with the correct training and guidance and the right hosting platform of course.

Make sure you find the right place to keep your website, do your research and look around before you jump right into it.

Getting in the right crowd

If you have never done anything like this before like myself when I first started out then you need to find somewhere that has great training resources, a great online community that can help you and somewhere FREE.

I know what your going to say…”Oh, there’s that word FREE” so it wast be a catch

I will admit there are many out there trying to catch you out with promising you the world and then before you know it your paying an arm and a leg for something you didn’t really want in the first place.

They arent all like that as you can see here trust me

Don’t quit your day job

I have been asked many times if I quit my job to start my own website and my answer was always…


Getting your own website is a business but it’s not a business straight away, it could be a few months before you start earning money from it so why on earth would you want to quit your job just to start this career.

If it’s really something you would like to do then start off by doing a few hours a week and gradually build it up.

It’s not an overnight success but it is the best way to make money online without a doubt.

What to do to start

  • Do some research, look around for free website builders.
  • Join a community that can help you and has the training you need.
  • Start building your future online.
  • Work hard.
  • Reep the rewards.

It’s really as simple as that!

If you need any help starting out just let me know in the comment section and I will hold your hand all the way if you really want me to, just never give up on your dreams of being successful and the very best of luck to you in anything you do in life.

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6 comments on “Best Way To Make Money Online – Without Getting Your Clothes Off

It is wonder full and informative article. In fact, i love the niche and your content, keep it up.
If i need anything in future i will come back here 🙂


I’m pleased you have found this informative and by all means, please come back anytime 🙂


Great information! Now with the power of the internet there are many opportunities to earn money online and what’s best than building your own website. I think that you’re right and it won’t get you rich overnight but it’s good place to start. Just have to keep up the work and be serious. Thanks again and good luck.


It does take a few weeks or so to get going but once it’s rolling it’s hard to stop….but I love it! 🙂


I never had much luck with the surveys. The payout has always been too little and the amount of time that you have to spend taking them is unreal…

The website testing seems legit. What does that entail? I imagine you’d be going onto peoples website and testing out the functionality and then providing feedback?

As for starting out something new its nice to have support. It’s not always present but its definitely something to look for. It will make your life that much easier.

A community of like-minded people is a godsend. When you have doubt people can be there for you and offer reassurance. When you have questions because something was not that clear cut, answers can be found easily.

I took the leap and started my own website. I took small steps first and as i got the hang of things i began putting more and more time into. It’s been a process and success did not come over night (that would be awesome though!) but it did come finally.

Running a website is a lot of fun. I wake up excited everyday knowing that the possibilities are truly endless.

I also recommend starting a website. Just don’t quit your job (yet anyways) 😉


Oh congratulations on your website!
Yes the website testing is exactly that, you just see if websites are user friendly and report back to them, and as for my own website i was still in employment when I first started now it’s my full time job 🙂


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