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Easily Earn £100 a Day by Forum Posting

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Speak For Someone Else

One of the easiest ways to create collateral on-line, if you’ve got a flair for talking, is by Forum Posting.

A lot of webmasters have started hiring others to post on their forums in order that their forums look busy and well-liked. They feel that by creating their forums look full of interaction, they’re going to be able to attract more members to join

When you’re posting in forums, all you have got to do is initiate new threads, or reply to existing ones, and keep conversations going. You will do that by posting fascinating thoughts, stimulating  communication, or teaching folks things.

A cool perk of this job is that you simply get to find out new things. Also, if you post in forums that you’re already curious about, you essentially get paid to do something that you really enjoy.

In order for you to become a forum poster, here are some steps you’ll be able to takefreelance writer

  • Browse through freelancing sites like,,, etc.
  • Apply for forum posting jobs on those sites
  • Respond back to the customer on time if you’re required an interview
  • Agree on the pay per post and therefore the point in time
  • Get the duty done among the accepted point in time

Whats your payment for doing this?

For each forum post you create, the final costs vary from $0.10 to $0.50 per post. If you have plenty of time to spend doing this then you could be writing between 200 and a thousand posts a day depending on the work that’s out there, then you could easily earn £100 a day.

Forum Moderators

As long as forums exist, forum moderators have to exist.

This job is to stop negative comments making the webmaster’s sites looking bad.

To be a forum moderator, you’d have to monitor comment by users, delete spam, answer queries from users, and reply to user messages. You’d conjointly encourage threads, add new content to the positioning, and block comments that ignore forum rules.

If you’ve got an interest in sure forums, this might be terribly fascinating for you to try and do. Similar to forum posting, you will be learning and finding out new things which could be quite interesting.

In order for you to become a forum moderatorheadset and speech bubble

  • Post a profile on freelancing sites like,, and
  • Describe your interests and your levels of experience.
  • Look for forum moderator jobs on an equivalent freelancing site, and apply for them.
  • Google forum moderation job openings.
  • Talk to the webmasters about how they would like to keep things fresh within their posts.

How much can you earn?

Depending on your role and skill, you’ll be able to charge from $5 to $20 an hour. You’ll need to start out lower so as to make up your resume and build a good reputation.

Start A Forum Posting Website

You could start your own website to post forums on and charge webmasters to use the forums on your very own website which could be more beneficial to yourself rather than the webmasters as there’s much more potential to own your own.

You could use google adsense to make money as well as other companies to post advertisements on your website.

Before you leave

If you need any more information about anything on this post, just let me know and I will get back to you ASAP, Or if you already do this kind of work I would love to hear all about it.

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8 comments on “Easily Earn £100 a Day by Forum Posting

Hi Shawni
Very interesting article. I am always looking for ways I can earn a living on line and work for myself. I’m at the point in my life that I’m sick and tired of the hussle and bussle of getting up and going to work everyday. I joined WA a couple of months ago and I love the community and all the support. I haven’t made any money yet but I’m sure I will soon it’s just a matter of time. I have learned so much about on line business in such a short time. I highly recommend to anyone looking to start an online business to give WA a try, it’s legit. There are so many scams online you have to be careful but WA is definitely not one of them.

I do have a question though in reading your article. What does “CRM” stand for?


I dont think that I mentioned CRM but it stands for customer relationship management which is basically how you deal with and improve your interaction or business with the customers


That’s so interesting. I never knew that you could make money posting on forums. I comment on things all the time! Thanks for letting me know how to monetize the efforts!


You won’t get paid just for leaving random comments on websites you do have to be employed by the webmaster just to make things clear 🙂


Thank you for your sharing. The first time I heard about freelance websites. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a freelancer. It has another choice for me. Thank you.


Its my pleasure, i hope it works well for you


Hello Shawni,

Thanks for your helpful post, what a great way to make some cash without too much effort, and these 2 methods are new to me, I’ll certainly try them too soon,

Thanks again,



Oh this is probably one of the easiest ways to make a hundred a day online as you are only commenting and don’t have to maintain the site


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