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Easily Earn £100 a Day or More Online By Designing

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Sell Your Art To The World

If you are a dab hand at anything to do with photoshop or design in general well you could easily earn £100 a day or more online by designing with a few ideas that I have here.

You could try….

Company Logo Designing

Every single company out there needs a logo to brand themselves and stand out above everybody else so they will always be on the lookout for some unique and new designs and you can really earn a proper wage from this.
Here’s how you could get that gig.

  • Register with websites that create logos etc for the public like, and and get your name known.
  • Find freelancing jobs that need any type of design made for them whatever it is, and you will soon be earning money doing what you love.
  • You could even start your own website showing what you have to offer the customers and post your links to your website on other websites, forums and social media.

How much can you earn doing this?

The money for this job totally depends on your online reputation so if you provide high quality work your name will soon be all over so make sure you strive to do the very best that you can for people and you can be earning between £10 and upwards into the hundreds of pounds.

T-Shirt DesigningT=shirt design

Designing T-shirts has become quite competitive lately and is quite hard to compete in but if you stand out amongst the rest and you are a great designer you won’t be long competing with the big boys.
Get your great designs or brilliant text that you have created yourself printed on T-shirts and show them to the online world. You could even custom make T-shirts for people that might want a specific topic made for them and charge them for your services.

Here’s how you can get that gig

  • Get yourself registered on eBay or amazon to find your targeted audience and try to bring in customers.
  • Start showing your work to friends and family and ask them to share it with their friends and family.
  • Create a social media account just for your business and advertise on there.
  • Build your own website and show the whole world your designs and I’m positive that you will get more exposure that way.

How much can you earn doing this?

T-shirts are selling from about £10 and upwards online at the moment, you could even give a discount on bulk orders.

Cartoon Designing for Webmasters

Webmasters or website owners sometimes prefer to have cartoons on their sites instead of just plain images to brighten things up so if you are a budding cartoonist and you just didn’t make the cut for Disney, then this gig might be right up your street.

Sometimes webmasters will want a cartoon strip to showcase a product or a service that they offer and that’s where you come in.

Here’s how you can get that gig

  • Advertise on forums and via social media the services that you provide.
  • Register on sites that provide your cartoon services for the public.
  • There are places like where you can advertise any service that you have to offer….(within reason)
  • Get a website of your own and show the world all you have to offer and ask others to share your work.

How much can you earn doing this?

It does depend on the amount of cartoons webmasters require but you can charge around a minimum of £40 and hopefully get more work out of the first sale.

Banner CreationSocial media icons

Banners are all over the internet advertising one thing or another and somebody has got to design them, right? That somebody could be you if you know your way around photoshop and design on a computer.

Here’s how you can get that gig

  • Join sites that make banners for existing customers to make a name for yourself.
  • Freelancing jobs are everywhere online for this type of work, just do a bit of research.
  • Make sure you do the best work that you can and eventually customers will come looking for you.
  • Promote your services all over social media.
  • Make your very own website and build a brand for yourself.

How much can you earn doing this?
Some companies will only pay you every time your banner gets clicked but others will pay just one fee and you could charge them between £10 and a few hundred pounds for one banner depending on your skill and reputation.

Digital Scrapbook Designing

That’s right, with the modern technology we have today more and more people prefer to have all their photos stored on their computers and they want to make a sort of scrapbook rather than just have a folder with all their memories in, so you could be the one to make those memories more presentable if you have the knowledge and skills to do these things and earn a bit of money.

Here’s how you can get that gig

  • Advertise your work in forums and over social media, everybody these days are looking for digital scrapbooks.
  • Make a website of your own with all of your templates on there and charge people to download them or even take custom orders and see the money start rolling in.

How much can you earn doing this?

Digital Scrapbook templates can be sold for around £5 and up but if you do a custom made template you can charge from around £20 per template.

Creating ClipArtanimals

If you don’t know what this is already then let me explain. If you take a look at any website they will all have art designs on there somewhere to make their sites more visually appealing, whether it be a full image or just an icon and if you can design a graphic on a computer then you can design clip art…SIMPLES!

Here’s how you can get that gig

  • Create custom designs for niche related websites and advertise them via social media.
  • Get yourself a portfolio and put all of your designs in there.
  • Advertise your services on forums related to that topic.
  • Build your own website and sell your images from there, either on their own or in bulk.

How much can you earn doing this?

Depending on if they are being sold singular which you can get around 50p per image and up, or if they are being sold as a package you can charge by certain aspects like your reputation, the size of the package and how well-designed the clip art is.

Rendered Image

That’s Just a Few

Those are just a few ways that you can easily earn £100 a day or more online by designing and I’m sure as you go along with your new venture you will find other ways t earn money online doing what you do best……..


If there’s anything else that you need to know about anything in this post then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below and ill get right back to you

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10 comments on “Easily Earn £100 a Day or More Online By Designing

Hi, i enjoyed your post, it’s concise and to the point, those are great tips! I will be sure to browse more through your site, you have many more articles i’m interested in, keep it up :).


Thanks, I hope you learn something that will help you

M. Antoinette

Thanks for this helpful information. There seems to be plenty of online opportunities for artists to promote themselves, especially by creating their own website!


Having your own website will open up a whole new world of opportunities that could make you a lot of money


They are all such great ideas especially for those who have a creative flair.
You have thought long and hard about all the ways to make money online for anyone able to do design work. I like how you have not just suggested how but you have also listed some places to go to get the work and to get your self known. I am not creative with art but I can write stories or content so perhaps that could be used in a similar way. Thank you for planting some good ideas in my mind. This is a very helpful post and one I will keep a link to.


You’re most welcome, I believe that anybody can create and design, they just need to get out of their comfort zone and try it


Very interesting post. There are several job ideas here I was completely unaware of. Creating banners and clipart for example. It makes sense that somebody has to create this stuff so we can use it. If I was in anyway artistic I would try and get into this. I have a friend though that needs to read this, thanks for the tips!


It’s surprisingly easy to create banners and clipart, all you need is a bit of time to understand how it all works


great ideas. I always assume I’m “not” creative but some of these seem within grasp. Especially t-shirt design! I’ve used Fiverr before to purchase creative services, and always assume the people I buy from are living somewhere with a really favorable exchange rate for the dollar.


Of course they are within your capabilities and if I can do it then anybody can, lol


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