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Easily Earn £100 Or More A Day Online With Videos

5 video cameras with 2 whiteboards

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Quiet on Set, Camera, Action!

The age of video has never been so popular than it is now, with pretty much every mobile phone having a video recorder built in making everyone a budding film-maker, but not everyone has that extra something to be able to capture the magic on the screen.

Are you one of those people? If so then let me show you how you can Easily Earn £100 A Day Or More Online With Videos

Make a Video And Sell It
Video Camera Filming a Man Talking

Do you have a steady hand and a knack for shooting great videos? If so, you could be set for a new career in Film-Making. You can film anything from demo videos, tutorials, funny viral videos, anything you want really and if they are any good then there will certainly be a buyer out there somewhere for them.

Here’s How You Can Get This Gig

  • You will obviously need a High-Quality Video Camera with all the equipment that goes with it like a microphone etc.
  • Find out what video you want to make and film it. Or you could look in places like to see what people are asking for and film them to order.
  • Create Your Own Website so you have somewhere to showcase your talented work to potential customers.

How Much Can You Earn Doing This?

Once you have built up a good portfolio and a great repetition in the video world then you can either charge by the Video, Hour, or even by the minute of the video, easily earning £100 a day or more.

Creating Video Montages
Photos Hanging With Lights All Around Them

Another brilliant way to earn money using video, If you don’t already know, there are a lot of people wanting to have their family photos put into a nice slideshow so that they can enjoy watching them rather than just flicking through a photo album.

If you are any good at doing something like this then you can take the photos from customers and arrange them in a certain way, add some relevant background music and put it onto a DVD which will make an awesome and unique gift that will be full of memories.

Here’s How You Can Get This Gig

  • Build Your Own Website.
  • Start making your own montages to put on Your Website for potential customers to see the work that you can do and the more professional you make them look, the more buyers you could get.
  • Promote your website on social media, other video forums and websites, even tell your friends and family about what you do. You will never know, your first sale might come from somebody you know.

How Much Can You Earn Doing This?

Depending on the work you put into the montage and the design of it all, you could charge from about £20 up to about £200, not bad for a days work.


Just Before You Roll Off This Post

Do you think you have what it takes to make your own videos and sell them for some great money? Just go for it I say, stop wondering if you can do it or not and take action today Building a Website to start yourself off with your new Film-Making business. Or do you need any more information about what you have just read here? Let me know in the comment section below and I will help you as much as I can.

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6 comments on “Easily Earn £100 Or More A Day Online With Videos

Videos are definitely popular and a good way to make some extra money online. Fiverr would also be my go to place to see what people are searching for and in need of.

I have thought about making my own videos in support of my business but never thought about turning it into a business opportunity. Very unique and savvy. There are many out there who have these skills and probably have not thought about using it as a way to earn income.

It may be important to make a good one time investment in some quality equipment, but the potential income could more than cover those expenses quickly.


Oh yes, you will definitely benefit more with some decent video equipment but if you are just starting out and testing the waters then I wouldnt spend too much on it as you might find that it is not for you.


That is an interesting option. I like making videos sometimes, not all the time because one can either enjoy an event or film it, not both 🙂
How much time do you think this would consume? And can I sell movies without editing too?


I suppose you can sell videos without editing but it just depends on the quality of the video and what your customer wants from you. Find out exactly what they need first and then see if it is something that you can do yourself.


I’ve heard that when you add videos to your blog posts and websites that your site’s traffic can increase. I’ve also been told it’s a good idea to have videos to engage your audience and create repeat visitors. Thinking about shooting videos for people to make money is certainly a change in my mindset. This is the first time I’ve heard it explained in a way that makes me actually believe with the right equipment it is something that I could succeed in. Thanks for the helpful links and suggestions. What video recording device do you find you most often use when recording videos?


Yes, Videos are huge at the moment and they sell things more than pictures and basic written reviews so you will certainly get work doing this. The best video recorder I would suggest to start off with is the Sony HDR-CX405 which is ideal for shooting any type of videos for beginners.


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