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Find Keywords For a Website

how to find keywords for a Website

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How do I Find Keywords For a Website?Finding the best keywords for your website make your competitors your bitch!

Have you ever wondered why you can’t get your new website posts to rank as well as they should?

When I first started working online I just used to write without giving a second thought about keywords

“Just write naturally” I was told

But even though I would write a couple of thousand word website posts I still couldn’t get them to rank on the search engines

All that hard work for nothing!… I mean… How do I Find Keywords For a Website to be able to compete with webmasters who have been doing it for years?

I decided to look into why I couldn’t get my content above similar posts with similar keywords that were a few years old, and even had a lot less content on them

And guess what…

It’s all about having the right keywords in the right places and knowing how to place them within your content

And that’s what this post is all about, its going to show you everything you need to know about keywords and help you rank your content much higher than you have been doing lately

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is a phrase or word that has a connection to what you are writing about. People will generally search for specific things online by just using selected words or phrases that are associated with what they need, or need to know about a certain subject.

What is The Point of Worrying About All This?A Google sign on top of a building

Being on the top of the search engines is the main thing we all do thisSo what can we achieve by getting that spot in them all?

I can tell you 1 thing that you will see if you get to page 1, and that is traffic.

And we all know what getting traffic means, Don’t we?

We all want to be on Google’s page 1 right? But where are your posts and pages ranking now?

The reason we want…..sorry, NEED to be on the top page of Google, Bing or Yahoo is exposure and for people to see our pages and posts.

How many times have you gone onto a search engine looking for something and go to the 2nd or 3rd page?

Hardly ever I would imagine, so if you are on the top page you will be more likely to get visitors to your website

Being on the 2nd or 3rd page of the search engines is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike so only the first page will do

As the old saying goes,

If You Want to Hide a Dead Body, Put it on Either The 2nd or 3rd Page of Google as Nobody Will Ever Find it Click To Tweet

So, How do You Get on Page 1?

Search engine tools are the way to go these days, they will help you find keywords related to your niche and tell you how many searches a month that they will get

The average amount of traffic you will get if you’re on page 1 and also the competition out there with the same keyword

If you really want to get the best SEO posts written then just follow Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko and he will teach you so much more than you already know.

Keywords & SEOa finger pointing at seo

SEO (search engine optimization) and the right keywords is what makes your web pages easier and quicker to rank giving you more of a chance to get traffic and possibly a chance to make a sale

This post isnt all about SEO but if you want to learn about it and AFFILIATE MARKETING you can do so HERE and see how I have learned everything I know

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of attracting an audience to a web page through search engines

It is the most common method of marketing and businesses and corporations tend to spend thousands of pounds for their SEO campaigns

Surveys with various CEO’s prove to us that all the pennies are worth the campaigns

The keywords used in SEO friendly articles enable websites to have a higher-ranking on search engines

The more popular and searched keywords used in the content, the higher the ranking of the website

Aside from the appropriate use of keywords, ensure your content is eye-catching and enjoyable and the use of keywords is not overdone

There is no point in SEO if the content is brain-dead. Internal links are built in order to enhance the presence of keywords in search engines

Try Searching For Winning Keywords To Boost Your Websites Rankings

There are many reasons you should take a bit if time choosing the right keywords, and here are just a few…

  • If you are writing an article or post you tend to create content around just one keyword on the topic of your choice to try and rank higher on search engines.
  • The very core of your website are keywords and that’s where you start and build from that, everything on that certain page or post should all point back to the main keyword that you started with.
  • Search engines will crawl your website pages to get the keywords from it to find out exactly what they are about and index them accordingly, so keywords are vital for them to see the purpose of the pages.
  • Keywords can potentially make or break your business as its the keywords that people are looking for in order to find what they need.

Types of KeywordsDifferent types of keywords infographic

There are three types of keywords which have different effects on your website and will get you different visitor results depending on which ones you use

Here Are The Three Types…

  1. Broad Keywords
  2. Exact Match Keywords
  3. Long-Tail Keywords

Broad Keywords will bring in a wide variety of visitors but they might not get you the sales that you want. You will find that most people will just type in a broad keyword if they are just searching for information about a type of product or service rather than make a purchase

For Example…


Exact Match Keywords will be an exact search on a very specific product or service. If you have a website about football boots for example, you might want to promote a certain brand in a certain colour with a certain number of studs and if there is someone out there looking for exactly what you have written about then the search engines will certainly be sending them your way

The only problem here is that you won’t get as much traffic but the traffic you do get is going to be much more likely to convert and turn into a sale than just using a broad keyword

For Example…


Long-tailed keywords are normally longer phrases, questions, or sentences that are specifically aimed at the niche you are working with. Your visitors are still looking for information about the service or product with these keywords but you could still convert then providing you give them all the information that they need

For Example…


Do you understand what I mean?

If you are first starting out building a website you would better off going for the Exact Match or even the Long-tailed keywords as they will be easier to get ranked and bring in traffic that will be the most likely to convert into a lead or a sale

The broader keywords will have too much competition for you if you are new to it all

Where Would You Put Them in Your Content?

You can’t just fill your posts with keywords hoping that you will get crazy traffic, Oh No…

There search engines will give your site a huge slap on the wrists and probably send you to bed early without any supper!

That would be called keyword stuffing and Google absolutely hates it

What I have found to be the best to do with them is too use a combination of all the above variations that I mentioned

I have a few more websites and if you have been wondering why I have been using football boots for my examples, its because one of them is about Rugby and Football merchandise called so I will be using that site to show you the next few examples

And this is where you should put them

Your main keyword in a H1 main header title

Keyword in a H1 title header

Your main keyword in a H2 subheader title

Keyword in a H2 title subheader

Your main keyword within the first 100 words of your content (excluding header titles)

Keyword in the first 100 words of a post


Drop 2 or 3 long-tailed keywords or broad keywords into your content through the whole post but make it look natural


Put Broad keywords within your content

A broad keyword inside your post content


a long tail keyword within content

And that’s all you need to do with them really, just write naturally after that and you will see a huge difference in your posts rank

Give it a try and see what you think

How do You Search For Keywords For a Website Using Google

The first way you could find keywords (which is free) and what people are looking for online is through Google

All you have to do is type a keyword into the search bar that you want to write about and as you know Google will finish your sentence for you.

Which is why I’m convinced that Google is a woman

Google search for football boots

Just by writing “for” after the keyword it has given me 5 more long-tailed keywords that you could use for other posts that you write

Are you still following me?


Another little trick to find some great words is to search in Google for your keyword then if you scroll down a bit you will see a section where Google shows you what “People Also Asked”

This is what I found when I stayed on the football boots search


people also asked in Google

A few long-tailed words right there for you

And if you scroll down to the bottom of the same page you will get a section called “Related Searches”


related searches on google

Now as much as I love using the keyword research tool I want to show you I can guarantee that you will get some cracking results with this method

Now the next way which no use the most is to sign up to a keyword tool search website and the one I use is JAAXY 

It has some awesome features which can really help your web pages and post rankings

Introducing To You, JaaxyJaaxy banner

There are quite a few free keyword research tools that you can use but Jaaxy really stands out from all the rest

It was created by affiliate marketers for the use of affiliate marketers, making it the perfect option for both

They take pride in making keyword and competition research much more convenient for its users

It is the most advanced website keyword search tool and guarantees a successful marketing campaign for businesses!

Startup companies have the facility of searching up inviting and creative domain names

The search tool uses your keywords to present the most relevant and ideal domains for your business

Since Jaaxy is a powerful tool it takes no more than a few seconds for it to come up with the right keywords, domain names, niches, etc.

This advanced website keyword search tool also enables businesses to gain an insight into their competitor’s website.

It has the ability to collect data from your competitor’s website

Typical data includes the meta tags and descriptions used, their web content quality and how they have managed to gain their current ranking in search engines

With the help of SiteRank, this website keyword search tool also provides statistics of fluctuations in the search engine ranking of the specified website pointing you to the right SEO keywords

The search engines that Jaaxy monitors are Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Why Dont You Give it a Try?

Let me just give you a quick run-through what the research tool is all about

Jaaxy keyword research tool looking for football boots



And like Google, it will show you related searches in the right sidebar so you will have plenty to choose from

There’s also a brilliant and handy tool in jaaxy where you can type in your website and the keyword you used in a recent post or page that you published and it will tell you exactly what position it is on Google, Bing and Yahoo

Screen shot of jaaxy's site rank checker

Now you can stop wondering how your web pages are doing

It’s free to sign up to Jaaxy and you will get 30 free keyword searches and 30 free website searches to see where your pages are

Finding The Right Keywords For Seo


Check out this short Jaaxy video tutorial

I really do swear by Jaaxy because it has helped me rank many of my posts on the 1st page of Google and is by far the easiest keyword finder that I have used so far

So, when you sign up for free you get 30 free searches for either keywords and 30 free searches to check where your pages or posts are ranked in Google, Bing, and Yahoo which can be a big help to know where you are and what to work on.

If you want to keep using it after that it is just $19 per month for the pro version and just $49 per month for the enterprise version which is excellent value for money as it will greatly increase your chances of hitting the number 1 page on all the search engines.

I would highly recommend taking the fee trial even if you don’t want to use it after that, just think how much you could benefit from the free searches

Let me show you how to join just incase you want to

Jaaxy Installation – Step by Step

Firstly….go and get a cup of tea so you can chill out reading this very simple “How to” install Jaaxy

Are you back yet? Good, let’s get started.

1. Go to your search engine whichever you have got (I have Google so I’ll be using that to show you) then in the search bar type in Jaaxyjaaxy search on google search engine

2. This will take you to the home page where you can access plenty of information about this site and you can browse it to your heart’s content, but let me first help you get your free 30 searches set up then you can come back, How does that sound?…Great!

Jaaxy sign up form

In this section that’s all you have to do is fill in the form with your first name, last name, e-mail address and a memorable password (try not to use a password you use anywhere else) 

Obviously, don’t fill it in like I did in the pic above unless you’re name is actually Mr or Mrs. JAAXY, then, in that case, I apologize

Once you have filled out the specified fields you then need to click on the blue “create a STARTER account” button

3. Choose the type of plan that you want, so start off with the trial first to see if you like it but I’m pretty sure you will.


Take a look how Jaaxy will work for your business



So what are you waiting for?

Before You Leave

If you don’t have a website already then I can help you out with that

And even if you do and you fancy having a couple more then you can take a couple for FREE below if you want to?

Don’t let a free website scare you

It really is FREE!

So go ahead and name your free website

Just one more thing before I love you and leave you

If you need any more information about jaaxy orknowing the best keywords for search engines, feel free to ask below in the comment section and I’ll get right back to you.

Do you have any experience using Jaaxy or maybe you need a little help to use it?

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments or questions below and get involved in the discussion.

Shwni signiture

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26 comments on “Find Keywords For a Website


It’s always hard to find in-depth tutorials for things like this because inevitably there is always some small something I miss, so thanks for this. I really appreciate the photos too, It made it super easy to set up because I knew what to look for! Thanks so much! Laura


it’s my pleasure, im pleased that you could follow it easily enough


Getting on the first page of Google takes commitment and persistence for sure. Does Jaaxy give you your page rank too or just keywords? Thanks for the information!


If you enter a search for a keyword that you have written a post about it will tell you exactly what page of Google, Bing and Yahoo the post is on which is an amazing tool to use


Hi Matthew, found this article on Checking your Rank on Google very informative and interesting to read. It would certainly make me want to go and look into this more as well as making sure that I checked out all the links to see what you were offering for free.


You won’t be disappointed I can promise you that


Hello and thanks for sharing, a great post with a lot of awesome content that will really help your readers well detailed.


If it’s worth sharing, you will find it here at


I really enjoyed this read. As a website owner myself and a frequent user of the search engines i totally understand the value of being on the first page of google.

I rarely ever go onto page 2 or 3 and instead just modify my search if i can’t find what i was looking for.

As an internet marketer smart SEO practices are crucial if you want to receive that steady stream of organic (FREE) traffic that will send any website to the promise land.

I have some extensive experience with JAXXY and i am still very impressed by this keyword tool. My life is so much easier thanks to this tool. Finding keywords to write about is a cinch and surveying the competition is easy to do so no time is wasted writing articles that are heavily saturated.

Excellent article!


Jaaxy has helped me hit the top pages in a few posts that’s why I recommend trying it out for free to see what it’s all about which is what I did and now I couldn’t be without it. Thanks for dropping by


I know what a keyword is and I also read a lot about keyword research and such but never really tried it for myself.

Reading your article made it clear to me and I am now more confident to do it.

Thanks, for the information about a keyword search tool. Will try this Jaaxy out. 🙂 Never knew either that something like this exists.


As you know keywords are the glue that bring your website together so why not get the help to bind it even stronger


That is a simple yet very easy to understand take on keyword search. I am a newbie in this business and I still don’t fully understand keywords and keyword search. I have written 23 posts on my website and I hope I used the keywords right. I haven’t even upgraded to paid Jaxxy account. Thank you for simplifying it for me Matthew and the urgency for me to fully understand it more and to upgrade my Jaxxy account asap.


Jaaxy has been a godsend for me as I was totally new yo affiliate marketing so it has helped me tremendously


Great video to find out how to check keywords ranking in Google. Thanks a lot for this post.


My pleasure, im glad you enjoyed the video

Stephen Botwe

Hello Shwni,

Thanks lot for sharing this information with me. Actually I came upon your website because I wanted to find out which keyword tool is the best for research and fortunately I found your site.

You have taught me that indeed if my online business will grow and if people can find my website, I need to use the correct keyword and thank you so much for introducing Jaaxy to me. It is well appreciated. The videos were also very helpful.



It’s my pleasure, if it wasn’t for jaaxy I wouldn’t know how to get my posts ranked so high, I’m glad you found this post so keep popping by for more about keyword search and SEO


Hi Matthew,

That’s a nice and helpful article on the best keyword tool. I’m currently using the free account and I’m planning to upgrade it soon. Since they’ve raised the price, I think I’ll go with the pro account. In your opinion, which one should I go for, pro or enterprise?


If you are going to upgrade I would suggest the pro version as it has everything you will need.


I was always interested in making money online, so i started with blogging and soon i realized that the key to traffic is correct keyword. It used to take a lot of time to find good keyword, but then i found jaaxy, and everything become way easier and more importantly faster. Interesting article, thanks for sharing.


I would be lost without Jaaxy, my business would be a mess.


I’ve considered investing in a Jaaxy membership for quite some time. It would be interesting to have that more detailed look at my competitors and to also see what they can see about mine! Thanks for the rundown about everything it can do, I feel a lot more informed now!


Thanks for your comment, Jaaxy has really changed the way I create my posts, pretty much all of them are hitting the top pages of search engines which has really increased the traffic to my websites.


The top pages? That’s the holy grail! I am convinced now, gonna go sign up for Jaxxy asap!


Go for it girl! If you get your post at the number 1 spot on google then there is going to be a huge increase in your bank balance I can assure you 🙂


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