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The Best Free Web Hosting Sites Of 2018: Start Your Business Today

The age of technology is upon us and if you haven’t got a website already and own a business then some might look at you as if you were a caveman. I know that it sounds stupid but the fact of the matter is that your business is far more likely to succeed with a website than it would without one.

I have looked into so many web hosting services and I think you are going to be impressed with what I have found and what I think are The Best Free Web Hosting Sites that could really help your business grow and potentially become a little goldmine.

It is not just businesses that need a web hosting company, Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, Online Shop Owner’s (eCommerce) all need somewhere to keep their domains so choosing the right place to keep them can sometimes be a bit daunting when you are searching for the best deals and bargains and this is why I have taken the time to find only the best of the best so that you can get your website up and running as soon as possible instead of wasting time looking yourselves.

Before I go into the reviews of  free web hosting I want to just give you a few tips on how you can choose the right host to suit your needs

Take A Quick Look At This Short Video About The Importance Of Having A Website

What Makes A Good Web Host?

There are a few points you need to take into consideration before you dive right into the first one you find, I mean, what looks like a god web host to you might not be the right choice for somebody else. It is all down to personal preference and what you need for your domain.


Points To Look At Before You Commit To The HostHosting written in 3Ding

All of these factors play a huge part in a great web host so if they pass the test for you and your website then you are good to go

The Different Types Of Hosting

Don’t beat yourself up too much if you are confused about all the different types of web hosting services and plans thinking to yourself “What type of hosting should I use?” you certainly are not alone on that one, trust me. If you are just starting out you won’t need anything too extravagant but as your business grows then so will your needs for the extras that these services provide, but don’t worry about that just yet OK.

Let me just quickly walk you through the different types of hosting if you have a few minutes to spare.

  • Re-seller Web Hosting – It’s basically shared hosting but you get extra tools that will help you to resell the hosting space that you have to other webmasters and earn some extra cash. You will get free website templates with this package and another good thing is that any technical issues that occur with your clients that buy the hosting from you is all dealt with by your re-seller provider.industrial web hosting server machines
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) – This tends to be a bit more expensive but you are only one step away from having your own dedicated hosting machine at home with you. It shares one server but acts like many different servers giving you a big share of the resources, one of the best web hosting to get.
  • Colocation Web Hosting – Unless you are a bit of a Tech Wiz this way is probably not a good start. You will be using your own server hardware but rent the rack space from the host which means that should any of the hardware crash then it is down to you to get it back up and running again but your host will be providing you with internet uplinks, physical security, cooling, and power. Take it from me you don’t want to go down this route if you don’t know what your doing.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – My personal favourite and a really popular way to host your website. This way your hosting provider will keep your WordPress website up to date with it’s security which is brilliant for both newbies and experienced webmasters. 10 out of 10 from me.
  • Shared Web Hosting – A perfect way to start is on a shared hosting platform. The great thing about going down this route is the fact that it is cheap hosting, the bad thing is that you could have a problem if one of the other websites that you are sharing with could effect your own sites performance if they were to take up a lot of space.3 different sized blue clouds
  • Cloud Based Web Hosting – This is a load of small servers all working together as one big server which is ideal if you have a high amount of web traffic on your site. You won’t need to use this to start with but you might need to transfer your domain over to a cloud server if and when the traffic surge gets too much for your current hosting provider.
  • Dedicated Web Server – The Rolls Royce of web hosting. When your website has made a name for itself and you are one of the most visited websites in your niche, dedicated web servers are the way forward. No need to worry about sharing with other websites when you have made it that far and of course you will be earning enough money by that point so you wont have to worry how much it costs.
  • Self Service Web Hosting – Very much like colocation web hosting but this way you do EVERYTHING yourself, and I mean everything. Not something I would like to do, and I don’t suppose many webmasters would either but there are some that do.

I hope things look a lot clearer now after reading this and that you have a better understanding of what you want in a web hosting site.

Now It’s Time To Show You What You Came Here For, It’s Time To Choose The Best…

Free Web Hosting For Your Domain

Free Web Hosting Services

Keep Scrolling to the Bottom If you Want To See My Number 1 Choice

000webhost Introduction

Founded: 2007

Users: Over 16 Million

If you are looking for free hosting then 000webhost are pretty much up at the top for me and considering it’s free to host your website there I was quite surprised to see that there were no ads to put up with put on your website by the host.

Why Use Them?

Like all hosting companies they do have their little problems but the pro’s most certainly outweigh the con’s but as far as free hosting goes you won’t get much better than this.

You can either upload your own files for your website or use the very popular website builder called WordPress, if you are not familiar with them Just Take a Look at This Brilliant Post on a website called which will explain everything you need to know about them.

You do have the option to upgrade which is either silver premium or gold business if you want to but the free membership is ideal for newbies and veteran webmasters if you don’t need a lot of disk space and storage.

Pro’s & Con’s


  • It’s free which is always a good thing in my eyes.
  • You can have your site up and running in a few minutes.
  • No ads.
  • 5 free emails.


  • Basic SSL Certificate
  • They have been known to remove websites without any warning but I haven’t experienced that myself.
  • Not enough storage, but what do you expect?
My Overall Rating: 8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)



$FREE with other choices to upgrade
  • 24/7 Support - YES
  • Bandwidth 10 GB
  • Disk Space 1000 MB
  • Money Back Guarentee - It's FREE so there's no money to give back
  • Free Email Address - 5 FREE email forwarders
  • Free Domain - NO
  • Try Before You Buy - It's FREE, so yes
  • Websites Allowed - 2
  • Have Their Own Cpanel - YES
  • Uptime - 99%
  • Free Website Builder - YES
  • Training Courses And Tutorials - WordPress Tutorial
  • Free SSL Certificate - Basic SSL
  • Website Backup - Every 30 Days
  • Free SEO Tools - SEO With WordPress
  • And Much Much More # Check It Out #

My Conclusion

If you are just starting out in the website business then you can’t go wrong with 000webhost to get your feet wet. You are able to keep that free account open for as long as you want to but if it is not going to be enough for you as your online business grows I would suggest going with something more high end like WPengine  which have more to offer you.

Take A Look For Yourself At All They Have To Offer HERE Before Signing Up To Anything.


$FREE with other choices to upgrade
  • 24/7 Support - YES But only through an automated ticket line
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Disk Space Unlimited
  • Money Back Guarentee - It's FREE so there's no money to give back
  • Free Email Address - 1 Per Website Hosted There
  • Free Domain - NO
  • Try Before You Buy - It's FREE, so yes
  • Websites Allowed = As Many As You Want
  • Have Their Own Cpanel - YES
  • Uptime - 99.9%
  • Free Website Builder - YES
  • Training Courses And Tutorials - WordPress Tutorial
  • Free SSL Certificate - NO
  • Website Backup NO but there is an option to buy
  • Free SEO Tools - SEO With WordPress
  • And Much Much More # Check It Out #

My Conclusion

As a free web hosting company the loading time is pretty good considering.  I could argue that the loading speed is down to the amount of banners that you put on your site but that is the case for all hosting providers and prices.

X10hosting Introduction

Founded: 2004

Users: Over 1 Million

If you are looking for a load of free features like MySQL, free website builder, email hosting, PHP, and a few others that you can see HERE then X10hosting will be right up your street.

Not all customers are happy with their services but you can’t please everyone can you.

Like all free hosting they come with the chance to upgrade your hosting plans so it is worth trying them out if you don’t have to pay anything and have nothing to lose.

Why Use Them?

You might be thinking that having a free place to host your website with unlimited bandwidth and disk space sounds to good to be true, it is.

What they fail to tell you that it is unlimited to a point if they think that you are abusing their system and hogging all the space so they will put a cap on it for you. 

At the end of the day they are providing you with a free service so what do you expect? They should however explain that when they try to get you in.

Pro’s & Con’s


  • It’s Free.
  • They have the most free features out of all of these web hosting sites I have shown you here.
  • Interactive and helpful community.
  • You have 171 free templates with the WordPress web builder.


  • Even though they state that you get unlimited disk space they should let you know about the monthly cap if they think you are hogging all the space.
  • Like all free hosting they have seen their fair share of people abusing the storage system which makes things worse for everybody else.

My Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

Awardspace Introduction

Founded: 2003

Users: 2.5 mill

Not only can you get free shared hosting with Awardspace you can also get free VPS, semi-dedicated, and free reseller
hosting which is much more than you can get with the others here.

Looking around for some decent free hosting I stumbled upon a review about these which made them out to be the best thing since sliced bread but like all host sites it has it’s flaws.

Why use them?

They have 2 brilliant web builders, WordPress and Joomla but I just couldn’t get the hang of using Joomla, I think WordPress is a much easier builder to work with but that is just my opinion.

The loading speed on the sites are not 100% brilliant so you might get a little frustrated with them and also there isn’t a live support service you will need to submit a ticket which you will have to wait in a line to be dealt with.

Pro’s & Con’s


  • It’s free.
  • Ideal for testing your web building skills out or if you have a client that needs something built for them.
  • Brilliant web builders.
  • If you were to upgrade you cant fault the $3 for the whole year.


  • Not great site speed.
  • Automated online ticket support.



$FREE with other choices to upgrade
  • 24/7 Support - YES
  • Bandwidth 5 GB
  • Disk Space 1 GB
  • Money Back Guarentee - It's FREE so there's no money to give back
  • Free Email Address - 1
  • Free Domain - 1 Domain + 3 sub-domains
  • Try Before You Buy - It's FREE, so yes
  • Websites Allowed - 1
  • Have Their Own Cpanel - YES
  • Uptime - 99%
  • Free Website Builder - YES
  • Training Courses And Tutorials - WordPress Tutorial
  • Free SSL Certificate - NO, but the option to buy
  • Website Backup - NO
  • Free SEO Tools - SEO With WordPress
  • And Much Much More # Check It Out #

My Conclusion

If you are going to need something that you want to expand your online business with then the free plan might not be for you. You could go for the paid version which is only a few dollars a month and for what you get for the money is more than worth it.

My Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)

number one web hosting

I promised you my top free hosting so that is what you are going to get

See My Number 1 Choice Which I have Given An Overall Ranking Of 9.5/10 For Free Web Hosting And 2 Free Websites HERE

Are Free Web Hosting Sites Worth It? 

I suppose that depends on what you need them for really. As a webmaster for quite some time myself I wouldn’t go back to free hosting myself after I have used paid hosting. I would strongly suggest that if you are just starting out then you have to Try It Free First so you can see if it is something that you would enjoy doing.

If there is anything else that you need answering or help with then get involved in the conversation below and you will soon get the answers that you need.

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There is a lot of valuable information in your post. I know I will be implementing many of these things when building my website. Thanks for the great read!


I am glad this post has helped you in some way and I hope you do very well with your online business 🙂


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