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How To Get Out Of Debt Free – I DID IT!!! You Will Too

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Live Debt Free and Relax

That horrible feeling of bills being due and not having anything to pay them with is the worst feeling in the world, trust me I have just been through it myself and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on my worst enemy so I want to share with you how to get out of debt free and start to relax a bit more knowing you don’t have to worry about the dreaded bills as much as you are now.

It could happen in a blink of an eye

I’m through the toughest part of it now but I was a broken man through all the bills building up, and with a wife and 4 children to support I just couldn’t see a way through it all.

My car broke down on my way to work, then I lost my job because I couldn’t get there so I hit the bottle really hard and for a long time I was depressed and just couldn’t snap out of it.Man with alcohol

Month after month I wouldn’t answer the phone, I wasn’t paying bills and I wouldn’t open any letters.

Any of this sound familiar?

After about 6 months I finally got my head together and found a company called HANOVER INSOLVANCY and they worked wonders sorting out my debts and spoke to my creditors for me and sorted out a deal with an individual voluntary agreement (IVA)

without their help I wouldn’t be here to help you!

This is where I had to pay a little bit of money to them either weekly or monthly and they would distribute it between everyone I owed money to.

I owed £14,000! I know right, but all I have to pay now is £21 per week for 5 years which I know sounds a long time but it is easier than losing everything isn’t it?

After I’ve finished the 5 years of paying each week what ever is left to pay is just written off completely leaving me debt and worry free.

I’m now still out of work but I found somewhere online where I could have my own website and some amazing training for free which you can see here which has helped me get even more financial secure and start living.

Don’t be on your own, get help from people who know what they are doing


There are many debt help companies out there so make sure you find the one that's right for you and read all the small print.

Some posts that might be able to help you get some money

If you need any further assistance or information you have read here then don't hesitate to ask below in the comment section as I'm always here to help you and what ever you do......

Don't get into more debt trying to get out

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6 comments on “How To Get Out Of Debt Free – I DID IT!!! You Will Too

Wow, you sure do have a lot of banners on your page. I love the niche that you chose, and I love how you shared your store. I would want to clear my credit if I needed to after reading your page. Good luck with everything.


I don’t look at them as banners, they are just useful information to people like you and me that could one day really help us out 🙂


Really optimistic site on the best opportunities on how to make money in such a genuine way to help people avoid the bad schemes. I am glad to see this list and also see WA in the list too. Great headlines and captures of information really captures you audience. Use of colour is handy too and everything seems to show correct detail for someone looking to invest in one of these programs.


Wa has changed my life for the better and without them I would be still stuck in a downward spiral even after help with my debt


I’ve seen quite a few services like this on the internet, TV, newspapers and maybe even the radio. It’s good to know that there are services like this around as I’ve always been concerned about my debts. Thanksfully, the fear of debt has helped me survived, but I’m not debt-free at all.

I have a question which I hope you don’t mind me asking; and I certainly hope that it’s not a crazy question – Was your credit record affected when you availed of such a service? i.e. Did you have to give up things like your credit card or Were you not allowed to ‘borrow’ or get loans during the 5 years?

Did you have to go through an extensive lifestyle change?


If its something you want to do then I would suggest giving things like your credit card and don’t borrow any more money, it will only get worse.
Yes my credit score was effected but I didn’t care about all that I was just happy I was getting the amazing help.
My overall living sid change a little but it was for the best otherwise I would have been so much in debt I would have be never got out. I hope this post has helped you and that you can get through any problems you have, like I did


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