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How to Invest Money in an Online Business

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Invest Money in an Online Business: Go Global to Maximize Your Sales in 2018How to invest in an online business

If you want to know how to Invest Money in an Online Business

Then let me tell you…DON’T DO IT!

The reason I say that is

You shouldn’t just go head first into giving someone your money online

Without knowing what you’re doing

So What is Investing?

Investing is where you take some of your hard earned cash

And put it into something like stocks and shares or property for example

And hopefully, you will get more back than you put in after a while

You need to find the right project for you

Do your research, and need I say more…


You should never just dive right in and just put your money into the first “great investment” that you see

11 Reasons to Invest in an Online Business

A Better Customer Support And Feedback ExperienceCustomer Support

Having somewhere you can speak to your customers should be one of the top priorities

So that you can make their experience a whole lot better

Having a chat in your store or shop is OK,

But you can only do that when you are open for business and have the time to speak

If you are online with your business you can create a customer support link

And that’s where you get to answer questions that your buyers want to know without doing it face to face

We have all been in that situation where we don’t want to say anything face to face, haven’t we?

You can also have a complaint or feedback page where you can find out what works and don’t from a customers perspective

You Can Take Your Business GlobalGo global with your business

Forget about selling your products to your local area

Think about selling all across the globe

There are millions of customers buying stuff online every day

So why shouldn’t you get a Slice of That Pie?

Just think of your customer base if you went online

It could send your business through the roof and make your lifestyle the way you have always dreamed of

You have a Lower Risk on Investment

Having an online business is far less risky than having a brick and mortar businessBrick and mortar business

Starting with the costs, you are more likely to spend thousands upon thousands on your brick business

And what happens if that goes tits-up?

You lose everything, but the costs of your internet business might only cost you a couple of hundred, MAX!

I’m pretty sure your business could cope if something went wrong after spending that kind of money

But with the right kind of training and knowing how to properly implement SEO

You will soon be wondering why you didn’t get online with your business sooner

You don’t even have to sell your own products on your website

Oh No, you could get into Affiliate Marketing and get paid a commission for selling other peoples products

So much easier doing it that way

Reduced Operation Costs

Having an online business means that you are not stuck in one place

And that means there will be less to maintain and pay for

No building rent, No bills, apart from the home bills that you are already paying

And don’t forget the fact that you might have a few problems with repairs that need doing to the building your business is in

Even if you have your own products to sell

You can still reduce your costs by finding cheap resale suppliers that you wouldn’t find locally like you normally doSave money with an online business

Just think, How much could you save from not travelling around, building maintenance, building repairs, and operation costs

You know it makes sense to set up an e-business

Lower Start-Up Costs

Many moons ago you would have to pay an arm and a leg to create an online business

And it wasn’t really that easy either

In the last few years though it has not only been much easier to doWordpress

It can be set up without much collateral at all

With the super easy website builders like WordPress

You can literally have a fully working online business in a matter of minutes

And it will probably only cost you about £10 a month

Now that’s not bad, is it?

That’s one great reason to invest in an online business I would say

No Boss

We have all dreamed of this scenario where we answer to nobody in the workplace

And that will certainly be the case when you have your very own online business

Who wants to be working for somebody when you can be working for yourself at your own speed and times that you choose

Be The Boss, Don’t Be The Worker!

Improve Your Social NetworkingIncrease your social media reach

Being in your own business can get quite lonely at times

Especially if you don’t get many customers coming into your shop

Having your business online can expand your reach to other business owners

And you could potentially get more trade if you can talk to others in your situation to find out where you can improve your strategies

Once you have your business set up online start joining forums and groups

Who knows you might even find an investor that wants to help you out and get your business booming

Work FlexibilityMore family time

Spending more time with family is the most wished for by working people

And you will have plenty of time to do that if you were to put your Small Business online

You can work from where ever you wanted to, providing you have an internet connection and a device to work on

No more sticking to the same brick and mortar business

How nice does that sound?

Brand Your Company Online

Getting an online presence, even if you don’t work online will greatly improve your sales statistics

People want to see a website before they buy from your company these days

And that’s why it is important to Get a Website and make a worldwide brand of your business

So, making an investment in your online presence

Will catapult your company further than you could ever imagine

Work 24 Hours a Day All YearKeep your business open 24/7

How do you fancy making money while you sleep?

That’s just one of the perks of having your business online

Rather than have to get out of bed to go and open your shop

It will be constantly open and you can manage it whenever you wanted to and not just in business hours

Online Marketing Tools Can Improve Your Business

Marketing is very important for any business online or offline

But here are more ways you could market your business online

  • Social MediaOnline Marketing Tools
  • Emails
  • Ebooks
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Video Marketing such as YouTube

And so much more

It can get a bit pricey but due to the technology we have today you can keep a more advanced track of your investments

Places like Google Analytics and other data companies can help you keep track of everything that you need to

Without having to use those damn annoying books that just keep piling up in your homeDon't get those old books piling up all around you

There is even Keyword Tools that will help you to rank high in the search engines for maximum exposure for your website to be seen by millions

2 Big Investment Ideas

PropertyInvest in property

If you are going to go down this road

You need to know that you will be owning a piece of real estate/house etc

And collecting a stream of cash from the rent

Providing you don’t get any squatters

Make sure you buy something that doesn’t need much work doing to it

So you can start making money straight away

Stocks And SharesInvest in stocks and shares

I’m not going in to lie to you here, but this can go either way

You need to be prepared that at some point it might all go tits-up and you could lose it all

So just make sure you know what you’re doing

And again do your research

4 Small Investment Ideas

Drop ShippingEarn with drop shipping

Drop shipping is a great way to start online if you don’t have your own products to sell

All you would have to do is build a website and sign up to some drop shipping sites like Big Buy or The Wholesaler

And away you go with your online business

You won’t have to handle or send any products

You just have to promote and advertise them on your website

BloggingEarn with blogging

You don’t have to be the best writer in the world

You just have to have something interesting to share with others

Even posting pictures and sharing other peoples blogs can be a great way to start your business this way

Making money by blogging is pretty simple really

You could use Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, or any other advertising websites that you can put on your blog

Online VideosEarn with Youtube

If you haven’t heard of a little website called Youtube already

Then where the hell have you been hiding?

There are a load of people making a full-time living from putting videos on youtube

Anybody can do this if you don’t mind talking on camera

Just like this one by Neil Patel who is a bit of a genius in the online business world

You don’t even have to be in the video or even speak

You could create videos with text and a bit of music and if its informative and you start getting followers

Product reviews or “How To” videos are always a great way to go

And then you could start monetizing from your videos with advertisements that youtube will put on them for you

You will get paid everytime those ads get watched

So the more followers you have the better

My Recommendation

Affiliate Marketing

Very similar to blogging but your money will be coming from when people buy products through your links on your site

You get a small commission paid to you from affiliate programs that you need to sign up to


How I Started my Online Business

I came online to see if I could invest some money and time to build a future for my familyEarn money online

I didn’t have much money so I did my research and WEBSITE BUILDING came up a lot

I didn’t realise how lucrative it could be when I first started

But now the money keeps rolling in and I’ve made much more than I’ve put in

Which Was Nothing by The Way!

That’s right, I didn’t have to pay a penny to start with

And I had the opportunity to start making as much money as I wanted to

But I had to put in the work

So if you have some free time and dedication to make some real cash

Take a look here at what I did and what you can do

Like anything in life you have to trust your gut instinct and just goes for it

We have all made mistakes

And trust me I’m no exception

But I went with my gut feeling and here I am talking to you

So if you want to know I did it

Then look no further than the link above and you could be investing in your future

If there are any questions you need answers to

Please feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and the very best of luck in your future venture whatever I may be.


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18 comments on “How to Invest Money in an Online Business

Thanks for your advice, Shwni. It comes at a very timely stage of my life, when I am trying hard to set up my online business as an opportunity to work from home. And, as you mention, there are so many avenues to take. Mistakes are often unavoidable but they are an equally important part of the journey, as we look back at them as learning curve. I have never felt comfortable with stocks and shares, nor with binary options. Like you, I am very much moving in the direction of affiliate marketing, which I highly recommend as, with hard work and commitment, gives that much craved for recurring passive income that so many aspire to.


It’s a business I’m very happy with and can only get better if you work hard, good luck 🙂


Great Post and thanks for sharing.
Website looks like a great place to start with little capital.
What do you think the turnaround time on investment would be for a website business?


Thanks, well it all depends on the work you put in if I’m honast but the turnaround could be as short as just 3 months


Hi! Thank you very much for your advice. I really appreciate you pointing in the website building direction. I have been investigating on the subject and I have read quite a lot of good review on that way of investment. All seem to agree that it’s a business that requires a lot of work to be done from the start! But once it’s set up, it really pays off! Thanks again!


It’s not an easy road to be fair but the rewards at the end are priceless


Hi Shwni! Really intriguing article about investing in online business!
Before reading this article, I was expecting you to explain some of the steps to consider when investing in an online business but it looks like you’ve answered no right from the start! I really agree with you because online business is something that you have to discover and learn yourself and the money that you invest would be helping someone instead of you so it would be better for it investing on yourself!


I couldn’t have put it better myself, it all starts and ends with you so you need to choose wisely


Hi, I like the idea of investing in my own online business. I would like to know how you can build your online business for only $10 a month.
I have a website now but it does cost me about $42 a month without internet and electricity bill.

I have a host to pay and a social media automation and a screencast program. Ok, I could do without the two extra programs but the $30 for hosting and training will stay.


I’m really pleased you brought that up but when I mentioned the £10 a months I just meant the website and hosting.
I will certainly be updating this training to incorporate the costs of training and electricity and broadband subscriptions
Thanks very much for your question

Kay Dee

Thanks Shwni! I was sceptical at first, but you’ve made me confident that I should invest in online business, but only after I’ve done the proper research and had the proper training first!

All the best,


If it’s online business training you a looking for then you need to take a look at the free training you can get here


Thank you so much Shwni, I have been in affiliate marketing but have never tried investing in stocks or something of that sort, you well explained the whole process. I will try to research more on bitcoins and give it try.


My pleasure, just make sure you do your research before you fully commit to investing in bitcoins OK


The online world has really changed the way that we do business and the good part is with an online business we can do business on a global scale reaching so many people right from the comfort of our homes and the good part with many of these online businesses is a low startup. When you think about the online business world I believe that this is the best way to do business.


There further you can get your business around the world the better your business will become and hopefully become a world famous business


I believe that there have never been such opportunities as there is in this day and time, When it comes to the online world it is so amazing how things change in such a good way. Because you get to work from home full time, no overheads and all of that good stuff. Thanks for sharing such a detailed post that is a great help.


You’re right Norman. I only wish I had started earlier I’m my life so I could have started to learn more about earning money online


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