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Is it Possible to Create a Website for Free? – And Keep It

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Start Your Life With A Free Website

Many people wonder if you can get a website for free and keep it but most people don’t know how to go about it so I’m here to help you with that and answer your question “Is It Possible to Create a Website for Free?”


Why Would You Want A Website?

You’re options are endless in what you could do with you’re very own website whether it be blogging or the very successful affiliate marketing but the most important thing is that it has the potential to make you thousands of pounds or dollars each year and with the right training you will soon be running a successful online business.

Is it Better than working a 9-5 job?

Absolutely YES! Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and roll straight into work? No more of that dreaded commute full of grumpy people stuck in the same position as you are.

I’m one of those lucky and rare people that you hear of that really enjoys my job

Picture the Scenelady of leisure

You wake up what ever time you want, still in you’re pyjamas make yourself a bit of breakfast and a cuppa then decide if you want to do any work that day.  if you do then you can start when ever you like and for as long as you like but if you don’t then guess what….YOU DON’T HAVE TOO!!!!

No more bosses shouting and screaming at you for not working as hard as they want you to unless you’re married or schizophrenic and cant stop the voices in your head!

What to do Now?

Its quite simple really, just take a look at this post I have written or just fill in what you want to call your FREE website in the box above and its all yours no strings attached, no payment needed and i don’t even want to know your cats mothers maiden name.


So why dont you take that step and join thousands of people from all around the world that are working in their comfy clothes and dont have to answer to anyone.
Let me know if you need anymore details and i will gladly get back to you.

Have any Questions or Comments?

8 comments on “Is it Possible to Create a Website for Free? – And Keep It

Hi, Shawni,
Isn’t it awesome that someone can get a free website and monetize it to a point where he can earn an income from it? I use to say “Nothing in life is free” but I have changed my reasoning now.
Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome platform to offer that kind of program to its members.
Is there an age limit as to who can join?
Thanks for the post.


There is no age limit whatsoever, and this is certainly one of the best, if not THE best platform to host a website.


Yes, I totally Agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the best online platforms out there. I really love the help service they have. You truly feel like a family with Wealthy Affiliate.

What I love most about it is the fact you can do all this for free. There is so much to be learned, but I gotta admit it, it sure is worth it!


Couldnt have said it better myself kay 🙂


Hi Shwni, Great article, and I love the comparison chart for affiliate marketing vs a boring 9-5 job! Interesting to see that you can get a free website with all that extra technical support from Wealthy Affiliate with absolutely no obligation to buy or upgrade. Is it too good to be true? Cheers, Karen


Ha, i thought the same thing before i joined but the trial is 7 days and its free so i had nothing to lose and once your in you realise how brilliant they are and how much they can help…and of course the 2 free websites help 🙂


I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member and starting my own business online has totally changed my life. It’s exciting to be able to make money consistently from a creative venture…and I’m glad to finally be putting the internet to good use for myself. I mean, everyone else seems to be making money online, and I felt like it was finally my turn!


Exactly! I see all these people not having to get up early for work and I wanted that, now here I am living the dream 🙂


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