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Reasons to Work from Home

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The Best Job In The World!

Sick of listening to your boss and want enough time to spend with your family “OR” thinking about scheduling your own working hours? Well, there are many other such other reasons for which people abandon their day job, hustle and bustle of their office and make them work from home. Below are some amazing reasons for which people prefer to work from the comfort of their home according to their own set schedule.

Reasons To Work From Homereasons for working at home sitting on the couch with a laptop

1. Make Your Own Pleasant Working Environment

You are no more bound to work in a congested and suffocating environment of some office. Make your home office environment of your own style and choice. Design it in such a way that inspires you to work with more concentration. Make sure it has sufficient fresh air, light and even where no one can disturb you while working.

2. Avoid Extra Expenditures and Save More Money Each Month

If you are doing some job in an office, you definitely need money for shoes, suite and cosmetics after every one or two months. There are many others things that cost a lot each month and an office worker saves no considerable amount. While working from home, there is no need to keep extra money in your wallet for transport and food. To feel more comfortable and relaxed, you can work in a trouser, a casual shirt and some soft slippers. Thus you can deposit extra money each month in your bank account. This all will make a great difference in your financials.

3. Be Your Own Boss; Set Your Own Working stuck in a traffic jamHours

I was stuck in traffic, my child was sick; I came home late from a friend’s party last night. Almost every office worker experiences such situations.

I have seen many people sick of listening and telling these kinds of riddles, many of them even start feeling mentally disturbed due to their own personal daily life schedules that they cannot change according to their job schedule. On the other side, working from home, you can get 100% freedom to work according to your own schedule and get enough time for other activities. There is no more answerable to any boss. So, enjoy the parties, go to trips and feel the real mental freedom. No one is there to ask you where you have been.

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4. You Have Freedom To Enjoy Time in Your Own lit up neon freedom signStyle

There is no need to face talkative and angry face colleagues or boss sitting in the office. You can also schedule your meetings conveniently anytime through audio or video calling. You can schedule your own working hours and get enough time to enjoy your life. Now, you can take better care of your health by enjoying fresh, nutritious and hot food from the comfort of your own home. Go for a walk or gym and take rest on your own set timings. You can take better care of your children or other family members and can spend more quality time with them.

5. Happiness and Freedom Helps in Making More happy and satisfied working from home drinking teaProgress and You Live Longer

Working for your own-self is a great feeling and no one feel tired while working for himself/herself. So, you only feel satisfied when you feel happy, and you are happy because you are satisfied.

Workers feel fed up and boring while working with the same schedule and dealing with same tasks for fixed monthly payment, this thing demolishes their mind creativity and does not urge them to do something great in life. While working from home and starting your own business urges you to learn new things and work to your full potential. You feel satisfied and happy when you are working for your own betterment, learn new skills, become more professional and see your day to day growing financial progress. This leads to a happy and healthy long life with the sense of superiority.

There are plenty of ways to work and earn from home. One of which is Online Marketing. In next article, we will see some of the best techniques for Online marketing in our very easy to understand beginners guide to online marketing

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8 comments on “Reasons to Work from Home

Hi Shwni. This is a great post. The reasons you mentioned are precisely the reasons which convinced met to work from home. More than that, it also convinced me to make online business my way of earning an income. I especially like your point nr 3. I determine my hours. Of course, I work longer hours than I used to but it is because I want to and I am doing something that I love.


I am the same, I have never worked so many hours, but it doesn’t even feel like work, it is something that I love.


I find working at home the best option, like you said the comfort aspect is second to none and you are your own boss.

I get to delegate when I want to work and how hard I want to perform. It’s all about self-motivation and you need to have drive in order for it to work.

Thanks for this great post!


If you don’t have the drive to succeed then there is no point in even trying.


Hi Shwni. I love your post. Being my own boss is great. This is my dream job, to work from home, set my own time schedule, be my own boss and especially doing what I love to do.
I fell less stress, working from home, and less stress means better health.
Sometimes I work long hours at home but it is for and my family, not somebody else.


I feel exactly the same way and I agree about the better health but if you are working from home then you must remember to still keep up your exercises otherwise you will just get lazy. Good luck with your online business.


Working from home is the best thing to do especially for busy mums who have other home responsibilities and kids to looks after, we can plan our work according to our own time and ease and we can save a lot of money by not hiring nannies to look after kids, which we do when we work outside home. I agree with all the reasons you have mentioned, as always, another good and useful post from your. Great work:)


You have pointed out some great perks of working for yourself at home. I have 4 children which are all in school but I get to take them and fetch them every day which I couldn’t do before I was my own boss.


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