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Stuff to do when your Bored on the Internet

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The Internet just got better!

Gone are the days of children playing outside and getting fresh air, instead they would rather be inside no matter what the weather is either on the Xbox or on their I-pads.

If you’re reading this you are doing exactly the same but at least you are trying to look for something to do

Even with the technology we have in today’s day and age it still seems like there’s still not enough to do online so we are always looking for stuff to do when your bored on the internet.Children confused on the computer

If you are still determined to look for things to do online and have some time to kill I can give you a list of 10 things that might interest you, what do you think?

  1. If you like to read but not sure what to start next, check out where they will suggest books for you to try just by typing in The auther or title of a book you have already read and liked.
  2. The obvious one would to play games but there are so many options online I wouldn’t know where to send you first.
  3. For the ultimate rib tickler that will have you in stitches is where you can read actual auto corrects gone wrong.
  4. Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? Wel, with you can put in a picture of yourself and it will find the celebrities that you look like the most.
  5. That urge we all have when we see bubble wrap but the good old internet has taken all the fun out of actually popping it with your actual hands at…. spoilsports!
  6. Look for a record to break at and smash it!
  7. Take some online surveys and earn a bit of spare cash.
  8. Click online advertisements for money
  9. Take a visit to where there will be plenty of stuff to keep you entertained.

So what do you think of this list? Is there anything you fancy trying?

Oh wait! That’s just 9 things isn’t it? So what is the tenth thing to do online when you are bored I hear you cry

So what could it be?

The reason I have left you in “suspenders” about this one is that I think it needs a bit more explanation than the other 9.Productivity

If your looking something practical to do online and fed up going on the same things over and over again..yes I’ve been there my friend, and you would like to own your very own piece of the internet then why don’t you build your own website which you can do whatever the he’ll you like with it.

You could upload all the selfies you have taken that’s stuck on your phone if you want to.

It is of course absolutely FREE of course otherwise I wouldn’t be telling you about it.


All you have to do is fill out the name you want to call your website above and its yours

Still not sure?

If you would like to see if it’s too good to be true….which I did I must admit, but here I am now talking to you after joining up for free, you can check out exactly what what it will do for you right here.

you can even get your friends and family involved

So if you haven’t already, just fill in the above free siterubix website with a name of your choice or click here to take you straight to get 2 free websites.

Don’t get bored…get smart

Before you leave

If there’s any more information you need about getting the free websites just ask in the comment section and I will gladly get right back to you.

Or if you have stuff to do when your bored on the internet that you like to do yourselves why dont you share them with everybody here so we can all swap ideas.



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4 comments on “Stuff to do when your Bored on the Internet

yes, we all, most of us, spend lots of time surfing on the internet. Looking, to search, social media, …
So what a great idea to make my own website, ….. for free?
OK, why not.
Thanks for the hint


Its my pleasurs, i know you will not be bored online anymore if you decide to go for it, good luck 🙂


Great suggestions, I’d never heard about but I’ve checked it out and have bookmarked it. I’ve also started using, I’ve wondered if something like that exists before, I’m glad I found it here. I personally check out ASMR videos on youtube, which really help me relax whenever I have some downtime.


Im glad i have given you a few options thay you would like to try out if you are bored online


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