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The Importance of a Community-online or offline

importance a of Community

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The Importance of a Community: Get Your Life Back on Track With FriendsOnline communities will make you a better person

Making Friends For Life

What does it mean to you to be part of a community?

For me The Importance of a Community is friends!

People who you can depend on whatever the situation that you’re in

And will do anything they can to help you.

Being part of a community whether it’s online or offline

Gives you a confidence that you might not have had before

Knowing someone always has your back and will always be there no matter what

What is a Community?

It’s a group of people who have something in common

Like living in the same area or have the same interests that they can talk about online or offlineMeet new people in online communities

Online communities are where people who would never ever meet

Can chat and share things of interest with one another through the internet

Forming a bond that you wouldn’t get by just popping down to the local shops

It can help you speak to someone if you are normally nervous starting up a conversation

And can really start new friendships that can sometimes be for life

Best Online Communities 2018

Now there are hundreds of online communities that you can join

So I won’t name them all here

You have probably heard of

But let me show you which I personally think is there best online community to join

How To Meet Friend’s

Before I got into web building

I hardly ever went out and spoke to people

As I was going through a tough time suffering from anxiety and depression!

I would speak to my friends via social media sometimes

But not all the time as I just couldn’t face it

While I was surfing this big old WORLD WIDE WEB

Just seeing what new things I could read

I stumbled onto advertisement sayingEarn money sitting on your couch with your laptop

“Would you like to earn cash while sitting on your couch using your laptop”

Well I thought that its one of those scams that I’ve seen many times before

And to be honest I wasn’t in the mood to speak to people I already know

Let alone people I don’t know

I flicked right past that advert and went along on my internet travels

2 days later I saw the same advert

I was bored, I had some free time so I took a look as curiosity got the better of me

And on the plus side, my wife wouldn’t shout at me for looking at “these types” of sites would she

Moving on…

I thought I would take a quick look and then move on

But then I saw a “live chat” button

And like a moth to a flame, I pressed it so I could have a bit of fun

My thinking was, I haven’t paid for anything here

So I’m just going to be a nightmare for all in the live chat area

And wind everybody up till I got thrown out

Remember I did say I was bored and had some free timeBored using the laptop online

The first 5 minutes in there was quite fun to be honest

People were even writing in capital letters

And that’s when I knew I had annoyed them enough and it was time to leave

But out of nowhere someone just said

“Why don’t you stop writing on here and start writing for yourself”

I’m not going to lie to you I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about

Then within a few minutes, a message came through for me in my inbox on this website

My first thought was “Here we go, here’s the message telling me that I had been banned”

But no, it was the same person who told me to write for myself

We went on to talk for ages and they explained all about what this website could offer me

It turns out this was a website building site that I could make money from with a 7-day free trial

What Did I Have to Lose?

I couldn’t even spell website let alone build one!

How am I supposed to do that on my own?

It turns out I didn’t have to

They had a brilliant and easy course to follow and the online community that would cut their right arm off to help you

There are many ways to speak to someone on this fabulous site.

  • Live chat with the community
  • Personal messaging someone
  • Writing blogs within the site
  • Writing on other people’s profiles
  • Asking questions on your own profile
  • Ask the community for help
  • Get help from the website support
  • You can even speak to the owner’s personally which are online quite regularly
  • And my personal favourite…..Speak to yourself 

Every single one of these options of communication you will get a response within minutes, sometimes even seconds so you will never be on your own here

The Medicine That I Needed

Now after a few months, I finally feel part of something great and be my own boss at the same timeNo need for pills, just join a community

I get to see my family more

I have more friends than ever before

And most of all my confidence has skyrocketed which has helped me tremendously with my depression and anxiety

I didn’t need pills to make me better

I just needed something to focus on with the help from some very special people

Be Part of a Team

  1. Do you want to feel part of a community?
  2. Do you want to earn money from home?
  3. Do you want friends from all over the world and from all walks of life?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions why don’t you join us with a free trial and see if you like it?

What do You Have to Lose?

Just click here to see what I’m talking about and I can guarantee that you will love it.

If you have any questions at all about this brilliant community

Please feel free to ask anything you want in the comment section below and I will answer as soon as I can

So, Why Are Strong Communities Imprtant?

The importance of a strong community is being part of something great so you never have to be on your own

Don't stand alone
Don’t stand alone


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22 comments on “The Importance of a Community-online or offline

I totally agree with you on having a community to rely on. It makes such a huge difference, especially if you are trying to start something new, like a business! Most careers base their training on school, which is also a community with like minds. However, once you’re on your own, it’s up to your co-workers. For someone that makes a living online, who do you go to? I love Wealthy Affiliate for that very reason. I believe people are what makes a business, and without them on your front and back end, it’s going to be a very difficult ride. Thanks for the post!


Wealthy affiliate has changed my life for the better and I don’t know what I would do without this brilliant community!


Another great read from you! Thanks definitely food for thought for all of us. Keep up the great posts 🙂


You are so correct! A community to “have your back”, give suggestions, problem solve, and brainstorm with is so vital to business success. I belong to a similar community and it has been so beneficial. Knowing people are out there who care about your success helps mental health as well!


Exactly! If you have people that have your back around you, you are more likely to succeed


I agree. I made the same experience when starting to build a beach volleyball group on It was really great meeting new people that do the same stuff and then connect…


If you have the same interests it’s half the battle of making friends


I totally agree, community is awesome. Having someone to offer help along the way, whether it’s life, business, or whatever, is such a huge help. Even if people are not in the exact same situation you are in, just to have someone to reach out to is wonderful. Great article, I hope to read more of your posts in the future. Keep up the good work!


Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road. Without a community to guide, support, and encourage you, the chances of failure are high. Not necessarily failure but just throwing in the towel out of frustration.
For me, having a community has helped tremendously throughout the course of my life. Let’s take team sports as an example. I’ve always been a good swimmer but in high school decided to try water polo. The first day of practice was, up until that point, the most challenging activity I’d ever done. And if I was just in a pool throwing the ball around, I never would have stuck with it. But having a group of teammates going through the same things I was and also learning from the older kids who had already walked (swam?) the path, I kept progressing and eventually earned the MVP award. And I NEVER would have accomplished that without a solid community of like-minded friends.
No matter what goal you’ve set for yourself, having a community to lean on during challenging times vastly multiplies your chances of success.


Thats a great story and i am glad you dropped by and shared that with us, a community is what keeps me going if im honest


I experienced something similar myself. I usually go about doing everything myself and get frustrated when I can’t find answers for things I have questions about. When I finally let my guard down and accepted a community of people doing the same things as I do and started actually trying to interact with them, I began actually feeling more motivated and like I was gaining traction. Thank You for this article.


I was exactly the same but after finding the community that I did I started to get somewhere in life, good luck to your future 🙂


I loved reading this post and and could not agree more. Being part of a community that shares the same vision and goals as you is definitely helpful. There is always someone doing something amazing which can inspire you to go harder and achieve your goals. Also, rather than having to learn from your own mistakes and successes you could always reach out to someone in your community and ask if anyone has had an experience that could be valuable to your situation.


Most definatly, there will always be someone there for you that has experienced the same thing you have and could help you through it. I so wish I had found wealthy affiliate sooner than I did


We are all living in a technological era and we all have to learn how to be part of an online community, same as we do with offline community. Sure, meeting people offline it’s not the same as meeting them online, but a good conversation still remain a good conversation and can transmit a lot of emotions and feelings even it’s not offline (even if I do prefer eye contact though). If you can learn beside of having some good time, this is an ideal approach, so go for an online community like Wealthy Affiliate that offers them both.


My thoughts exactly, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject 🙂

julienne murekatete

Wow,i like your story.Community is what we need to live well without anxiety and loneliness but it becomes extremely wonderful when you have the community and the money at the same time. That what differs Wealthy Affiliate from other online programs.

When i feel bored i go on live chat and feel ok and gaining some skills of making online money. I always recommend it to my friends but they don’t understand me. I have a big work to show them the difference.

Thank you for the post


Same here, whenever I try not tell friends of mine about wealthy affiliate they think I’m crazy, but they soon change their minds when I tell them about the earning potential

Babsie Wagner

I totally agree with you about the benefits of an online (and offline too) community.  I focus on the online part because when I started marketing online, I felt very isolated.  It was me, my computer, and my website.  Then I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and that’s where I really discovered what an online community can mean to a marketer.  I already have an online presence with Facebook and Twitter, etc., but this is totally different.  Now when I’m working on my site, I don’t feel alone at all.  I’m leaving comments, receiving comments, asking and receiving advice and giving advice to others.  It’s amazing.  Great article about this – thank you so much!


My pleasure Babsie 🙂


I totally agree a good way to build your community is through the internet! There are so many people with all types of talent you never know who you may run into. I also thought W/A was a scam, so when I started it I did not take it serious BUT it was well worth clicking on. They not only help you they check in on you; they want you to be successful.. I feel like other programs like W/A are there BUT they do not want to help you and want to make you figure it out. And the cost is VERY affordable. I really enjoyed this message overall and wish you luck in your journey 



Wealthy Affiliate really has helped me tremendously and I’m happy that you enjoyed this post 🙂


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