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The Truth About Vindale Research – Vindale Exposed!

Vindale Research, Scam or Legit?

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Vindale Research, get paid to take surveys
If you have come here thinking that Vindale Research is a scam then you thought wrong! I have been a member with them for about 6 months and have already been paid the twice I was supposed to after reaching the minimum payment threshold of $50 which was paid directly into my PayPal account. So here you will find out The Truth About Vindale Research and it’s up to you if you still want to sign up with them.

Vindale Research has been around for more than 12 years, making it one of the oldest survey sites. In an industry saturated of the same model of research centres that have only a minor difference, Vindale Research allows the survey to take up a new approach to making money.

An affordable and simple website offers different ways to get cash benefits? This is definitely worth Investigating.

Scam or legit?

Vindale Research has been a well-known research company for many years now. Vindale Research is definitely a legitimate company and gives its members the right way to make money from home.Scam? Vindale says he has worked with global brands such as Netflix, Disney and Amazon. They also claim to have paid more than $5 million to their members.
Such high profile clients and a large payout help to determine their legitimacy. However, sometimes when people refer to a company as a fraud, it means that they feel Mislead by the company.

Vindale Research does have a mixed review. There are many success stories, but there are also some complaints. I looked into the types of complaints that are being made to find out the problems that a company faces. Most often, the problem people face is a low payment rate, they are struggling to meet the minimum payment requirements.Legit?

I can understand your frustrations but, unfortunately, do not consider survey sites “rich quick scheme” if you think about supplemental income during your free time instead of business
opportunity, you are likely to have a positive experience. Vindale
Research is certainly not a scam, In the Sense of deliberately setting out to deceive its members. Try to be more aware of
what you subscribe to and reading reviews is a great place to start! I decided to do some research and report.


How it works

Vindale Research has several ways to earn money from most surveys, but it still works primarily on the basic model of most market research companies. Companies pay market research sites to a wide range of researchers.
Most surveys focus on a particular group of people, for example, often ask questions about buying items to a person indicating that they are responsible for most home purchases. If you receive a clarification question and set an option to say that you are not making the most of your purchase, you will probably be reviewed from the survey, and you can not keep or earn from that opportunity.

However, there are many different demographic characteristics that companies are looking for – it’s best to be honest because you do not know who they are looking for!

Ways to Make Money

• Take Surveys. Companies pay Vindale Research to have access to you and your Fellow Members, then Vindale Research pays a small amount to each person who has taken the survey. Members may need to conduct multiple surveys to secure enough cash for cash. The sale is paid at the base of the members, companies receive valuable market research and pay cash. It’s a system that works for everyone and you can be involved from the comfort of your own home!

Watch Videos. We all watch ads, but Vindale will pay you to do so! You can earn up to $0.25 to watch a short video.

Cash Contests.
You can sign up for cash contests and earn up to $15 every day. The best way to find them is through participation in their social media and VINDALE RESEARCH blogs.

Refer friends and family.
This is a common encouragement among survey sites, but what’s unusual is that there are $5 on offer for each referral that results in someone sign up to a Vindale Research survey. It does not take long to add up.vindale research members photos

Post a Selfie.
Once a Member Cashes their money, they can earn a further $5 by sending in a smiling selfie of them receiving their check or PayPal payments. Vindale Research gets positive press, and the members get $5 – another win-win situation!

Pro’s and Con’s

Let’s start with the negative aspects because honestly – there are not many. Vindale shares the same common problems among all research sites
• Low rate of Pay for the time spent time

• Occasional issues with denial of approval after the end of numerous issues.

• Complaints about erased accounts and lost dollars – although it is difficult to prove because it is difficult to know what the account could be.

• High level of e-mail communication – Vindale Research promises never to send spam, but what I think valuable information may differ from what you consider relevant.

• The Cash limit is quite high – you must earn at least $50 before you can receive your payments.

• There are also only a number of countries that can participate, so if you are not one of them you will not be able to open an account.

Most of these problems are common to all Survey sites, and the rest is easy to get around. It’s important to be aware of the terms and conditions so you can reduce your chances of blocking your account.

If you do not like the amount of email sent, you can always opt out. We also suggest that selectively the information that Vindale affiliates – just because they were sent via an email system, does not necessarily mean that they are trusted.

Try Vindale Today And Start Earning


There are several ways to make money.

• Bonuses are just that – cash, instead of trying to tempt you to other rewards like electronics and gift cards. This makes the process cashing out much simpler and makes it easier to understand how much you have earned.

• It’s nice to be able to change the pace – if you’re tired of surveys, or have none available you can spend time watching a video or email.

• Payments are also greater than most other surveys, which means that you can be rewarded

• Vindale is available on multiple platforms, although some features may affect mobile phones or tablets.

• There is a great integration of social media – there is a good Twitter, Facebook page and blog that will alert you to a new survey and provide routine updates and information to members.

• It is possible to Interact with the community, and you can find reward codes worthy of money by engaging with the social pages in contests, challenges and the similar.

The Positivity far outweighs the negativity.



I strongly recommend Vindale Research, with the following conditions: – that the member is aware of the conditions and are willing to make some effort in accumulating dollars, and they are ready to be patient. Vindale will not make you rich or provide an alternative to normal employment.

Smiling Animal
My Vindale Research Selfie

This will give you an attractive way to earn a pocket as you relax at home
and offer you a variety of ways to do this.

The most common problems can be avoided by knowing the rules and their monitoring. Although sometimes there may be an unfair dismissal, there is enough success to find out that the company definitely worth joining.

When you receive cash, do not forget to post that Smiling Selfie!

There are other websites you can choose, but it will be difficult to find a site that has so many ways to make money and that you have made a cash payment as an option. If you are looking for an opportunity to earn money through a market research, then Vindale Research is a great place to start.

Have you had any experience with them? Do you know THE TRUTH ABOUT VINDALE RESEARCH? or do you just need some more information about them? Whatever you have to say just get involved in the discussion below and let others know what you think of this great survey site.

Why not give Vindale Research a try and see if it’s for you.


Have any Questions or Comments?

18 comments on “The Truth About Vindale Research – Vindale Exposed!


Great information. I had looked into Vindale a few years back. They seemed legit. but weren’t quite what I was looking for. I was searching for a way to make a full time income at home. Vindale seemed to be more of a “spare-time extra-money” type of thing. It’s nice to know that I had it right, and can confidently sign up with them if I ever want to make a few extra dollars.


Oh this is not a full-time job whatsoever but you can earn some decent pocket money if you have nothing better to do in your spare time.

Emmanuel Buysse

Great post and good info.

it looks like another site which is about making money with surveys and all these kind of things, really, i don’t believe in it anymore.

I see  Vindale Research isn’t a scam, but they wont see me there, for the reason that I mentioned above.

I’m using Wealthy Affiliate for a while and I make good money because of that, so I already have my platform.

Thanks for sharing it anyway!


Taking surveys isn’t a get rich method but i too am with wealthy affiliate and that platform is my bread and butter


It’s so nice to read a positive review about a survey site for a change. Most of them aren’t worth the time and effort.

Unfortunately for me as I live in South Africa, most of these sites are not for me, and I have always found this out the hard way in the past by joining the sites, and then getting kicked out of surveys half way through them.

So although doing surveys can be an easy way to earn some extra pocket money, I have decided to leave all that behind and rather spend that time more constructively building my own online business.


Good on you, it’s much better to have your own online business than to spend time on some small amounts of cash with survey sites, maybe just do a survey a day and the money will soon mount up 🙂


Great article.  I had run across Vindale a year or so ago thinking I could grab a few dollars doing surveys.  It seemed harmless enough and it is.

However, a lot of surveys take a long time to complete and I just didn’t have that kind of time for the little money offered.

I agree you can make some pocket money, but no selfie from me cashing my check.


I have sent w few selfies in now so have been paid by vindale research. I wouldn’t quit your day job to commit to them though, just a little extra cash on the side for beer money 😉


Hi Shwni,

I did look this one up before but never got around to subscribe with them.  It looks like (from your thorough review) that it is legit and it is a way to make a little side money.  One thing I am wondering is how much work / time does it take to make $50, which is the minimum threshold of payment.  It sounds like this is more of a part time and “work on this when I have nothing else to do” thing right?


It is only a part-time job not the solutions to quite your current job, I did this every now and then and it took me several months to get paid but it was a nice little bonus for very little work

Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

Has been searching for a quick way to make money online, and this seems to be the one. What I like most about Vindale Research after reading your post is the simple tasks you have to perform before you are paid. Tasks like watching a short video and sending a selfie with you smiling after being paid, are awesome, who on earth would fail to do such simple tasks.

Thank you so much, I have just signed up and will be updating you in the next few days about my progress 


The surveys you take are your main source of income so make sure you do them regularly, let me know how you are enjoying Vindale research 🙂


Thank you for this post. It was very informative and also an eye opener. I have been a member of different survey sites and it was not a good experience. A lot of time spent and little to nothing to showed for it. You have been a member of these guys you are reviewing and it seems they are not that bad. 

I would have to look into them and hope I can also get involved. Thanks a lot for this post 


Taking surveys isn’t my number 1 choice to earn money online but only to earn a small bit of cash now and again 🙂


Great Post! From what you are telling me it looks like Vindale is legit. I am already doing a few surveys and you are right it is a very slow process. I think this is good for anyone with ample time on their hands. It is interesting to see the similarities with the surveys. The fact that you have been paid seems to be a good indicator to me.

I think vindale may be worth a shot if it is available in my country. 


Oh it certainly is legit and I’ve been paid quite a few times now but it is slow and I wouldn’t recommend that you quit your day job for it but just to earn some decent pocket money


Hey Shwni, great write up on Vindale research. I think I got an account with them onceon the misleading recommendation that a full time income can be made doing surveys.Good to know I didn’t waste too much time trying to make it pay full-time money.

I really appreciate how you broke down the pro’s and cons so an informed decision can quickly be made to see if Vindale research is a good fit for pocketing some extra cashin hip national bank. I look forward to checking back to see what other reviews you provide in the future.

Eric & Debbie


Thanks Eric, no survey sites are going to give you a full-time income no matter what they tell you but it can be fun to do a survey now and then if you have a few spare minutes and the money will soon mount up


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