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I am very glad that there is legitimate platforms on the Internet. I like this review because I want to earn real money online and it is very hard because of so many frauds and non-trusted platforms. I will definitely try this and I hope that it will work. Thanks Shwni for giving us this valuable information about Wealthy Academy.


if I had a dollar for every person that came to me about the scams they have encountered then I would be a millionaire!

The Wealthy Academy Program isn’t just a ticket out of the slums its a way forward to boost your online career.

Take care and good luck with your online business


Julia Kossowska


This looks excellent with lots of useful information and videos to follow.

I like having clear video explanations (as long as they are up-to-date) for those things that I am unfamiliar with, especially if there is lots of jargon.

I noticed that you are also advertising Wealthy Affiliate on the side.

How do they compare?  Are they similar or would it be useful to have both?


I use both and although they both help you earn money online and teach you how I get the most from wealthy affiliate as it is where it all started for me and I owe it the lifestyle that I have now. Have you ever tried Wealthy Affiliate?


Thank you for sharing this information.  I applied to become an affiliate for Amazon and six months later they removed me from their program as I was not sending any traffic to them.  Obviously I was doing it wrong.

This program will be very beneficial to me and others just starting out.  I have been hesitant to join programs as I have been skeptical of their benefits.

I definitely need step by step instructions and this program sounds like exactly the right one for me.

Thanks a million.


I good the exact same thing when I first started affiliate marketing and didn’t get a sale within the 90 days but I truly believe that if you follow this method you won’t have a problem with making any sales, and I wish I started here first myself.


Hey Shwni,

Red your review of Wealthy Academy Review, but I think it’s a poor quality product, if not scam.  As this product is on click bank, you can get your refund.

I think there are many red flags in this program, we should be careful about.

 The product has many up sells, if we calculate, sums up $495.96, and you are paying this amount just for learning how to promote products without a website.

I think you should agree with me, that without a website, you can not establish your business online.

High claims of $8000 per day.

Do you really think Shwni, it’s a good product to start with?  You are promoting Wealthy Affiliate as well, which product is better ?



I totally disagree with you sorry Shubhangi. The earning potentials of Wealthy Academy are massive and you are overlooking that I think.

Without even buying any upsells you can earn a huge living from using this method and I highly recommend it even if you don’t.

I do appreciate your feedback and comment though as it does show other peoples opinions so thanks for that 🙂


Thanks for this review on Wealthy Academy. It sounds very positive and promising. It also mentions being an affiliate of Amazon. Is this different from the amazon affiliation we already signed up to via our websites? You did mention that you are with Wealthy Affiliate, could you do a side by side comparison between wealthy Affiliate and wealthy Academy. I am eager to know more.


To be perfectly honest with you, side by side, Wealthy Affiliate is far more superior than any other platform out there, but I totally stand by both products as in they deliver what they promise, and then some


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