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What Is Bux to? – Is It As Bad As Everyone Is Saying?

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Don’t Judge a BUX by it’s Cover

We have all fallen for one scam or another but how do you know if it’s a scam or not before you sign up to something? that’s right, you look for reviews about that product or website and you do as much research as you can. There is a big stink about so today I will be looking for answers to “What is Bux to and is it as bad as everyone is saying?

So What Is Bux.Topaid per click

Look, like all ad click sites you don’t get paid loads but it’s not really hard work is it, and is no different, if you haven’t already heard of this you get paid for either clicking on an advertisement or clicking into a website for a few seconds . charges advertisers $19.10 per 1,000 member visits which would be $0.019 per ad click and they pay out to the… well lets call them clickers, they pay the clickers $0.02 for each click.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but surely that would make out-of-pocket before they start

The clickers can also earn money from referrals which sign up below them through their referral link, so if the referrals earn $0.01 for a click then the clickers will also earn $0.01 for that click.

I hope you are still with me and haven’t fallen asleep. also sells referrals to the clickers for them to earn more money at $1 for each one, and to me that just doesn’t make sense at all as surely bux could earn money for direct clickers rather than sell them off….. but then again I’m only male so what do I know!

why would you sell something for just a $1 when it could potentially make you much more than that?

Don’t know what the BUX.TO do

You don’t have to be an idiot to know that most PTC (paid to click) sites are just nothing but a waste of time but some are actually OK which I have written about HERE. however are under a lot of pressure from angry internet users that haven’t been paid or that are having to wait a long time to receive any payments off them. I don’t know about you but if it were me that had been working hard clicking through ads all day for nothing I wouldn’t be happy whatsoever.


If you are still unsure about then do some more research dig a little deeper and you will find the same answers I have given you here. All across the internet there are many unhappy clickers and also many happy clickers, all I know is that I wouldn’t just diving into signing up with them before you know for sure it’s what you want to get into.

If it’s real money you want to make online there’s only one thing that you can do and not have to worry about being scammed or doing a bit of clicking and “maybe” not get paid for doing so it’s to build your very own website for free and then you can start seeing your bank balance start filling up nicely.


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4 comments on “What Is Bux to? – Is It As Bad As Everyone Is Saying?

Hello and thanks for sharing, many people have and I guess make their judgment base on their experience but like you said do your research and home work first just to be sure that this program is what you really want.


Exactly, but i dont trust them myself to be honast


Wow, this was quite the read, actually, I had to do it twice before I really got the essence what it is all about the

Never heard of it before until I read your article. In my opinion, this is a total scam and I can’t see that it will be in business for too long, although, I couldn’t find out how long they are already on the market.

Thanks for writing about it. 🙂


They have been out for a number of years apparently but i dont think they will be any longer


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