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What is Content On a Website? – The Web Is Nothing Without It

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Content Is The King

Here is a brief explanation exactly what content is on a website and how you can improve the quality of your keywords in your content.

What is Content on a Website?

Web content is made up of anything that you put into a website may it be visual, textual or aural.  It’s basically anything that contributes to the user experience.  It can contain text, sounds, videos, animations and images amongst other things.  Everything you are reading and seeing here within this post is CONTENT.


The Beginning

At first the internet was used for nothing but file serving after the US Government built it for a project in the 1950s but it wasn’t until Mosaic appeared that the internet started to spread its wings.

Hyperlinks and Hypertext helped the internet become what it is today in the form of pages, posts, categories and more importantly CONTENT.

There are many forms of creating content online

  • BLOG’S are a form of website that publishers use to express Blogthemselves and get his or her word out to the masses, it could be anything from promotion of a business, promoting a product or even just talking about what they had for dinner last night.  It is said from an third party source online that blogging has become more popular than social media and is becoming a powerful weapon used by content marketers to increase their websites traffic.
  • DISCUSSION BOARDS OR FORUM’S are both websites full of text content that is viewed in a web browser.  Subscribers can create their own content within these sites by either asking a question or starting a discussion and all answers and conversations are all content.
  • SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGE/SITES (SERPS) are mainly made up of HTML codes which has well structured content and information that someone can search for whatever they need from the list or lists of content with a certain keyword or phrase.


Content Quality

Anybody can write down words on the screen and create content but it takes a bit of educating and coaching to create Quality Content.Man with pad and pen

Take your first day of school for instance when you had to write an essay in your English books for the first time from the top of your head (exactly like I’m doing now) it was hard wasn’t it?

But after a few more lessons you began to write better essays and knew what your readers (TEACHERS) wanted to read, and that’s exactly like writing content on a website….

The more you practice the better you understand what’s needed….like anything in life……unless you’re male,  you will never understand what your wife needs😂

Finding the right keywords for your content

Keywords are..well…KEY to creating great content and getting ranked better in the search engines.  Keywords are what people search for when looking for something online.

Take a look here exactly how you can find the best keywords for your content

or you can test it out now

Last bit of CONTENT from me

I hope you now know and understand what content on a website is but if you don’t and need something explained don’t hesitate to ask me below and I’ll gladly get back to you.



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12 comments on “What is Content On a Website? – The Web Is Nothing Without It

I myself am building a website now and am so glad there are people like you out there writing posts like this.
I found this informative and quite helpful. Sometimes for a newbie creating content can be a daunting task. Worrying that you will not create something interesting enough to bring readers to your site.
So this is greatly appreciated from one of the afore mentioned newbies. 🙂


When I first started writing I really didn’t know where to start but the excellent training I had at wealthy affiliate made me see my potential and now I can’t stop writing


You are right. Content is the heart of the information highway. The better you are at it, the better you will profit from it.


Practice makes perfect I say 😉


Too funny, Matthew. Your article, for me, it was like a ‘throw back in the past’. You know that back then, computers were ‘houses’ versus today, ‘handheld devices’. Man, have we come a long way!!
Yes, as the cliche goes, ‘content is king’. We need to ensure that that is one basic rule for anyone who aspires to have an ‘online presence’.
Thanks for sharing.


Haha, I aim to please, lol.
We gave certainly come a long way in terms of technology but content has always been and always be a way to communicate with others so we need to keep writing and producing great content


Great info on content writing. I have been practicing for over five years and perfecting content writing is an art form. It really is. Years u tough on some good points and I guess my best advice would be to learn how to write great content by practicing and developing your own style. Great read!


Exactly! Like everything in life, practice makes perfect. So the more content you get out there the better your user experiences will be


Very interesting Shwni. I always assumed ‘content’ when it came to blogs was in the form of words only. You have just opened up a few ideas that could make for some really creative content. Thank you for sharing a new way to look at things and what content can be.


Oh yes, it can be anything that people read, see or hear online so get some great images that are free to use in a website and it will make you site more visually appealing


Hiya, Shwni.

You are spot on. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that never, ever before has content been more king. All the ad services like Google, Facebook, etc, now have algorithms that scan copy for relevance, etc, and this can greatly affect the cost of advertising.

Even the brief (META) descriptions that appear in SERPS have to have great content, according to requirements there, ie – description, size, colour, all in a nutshell under 160 characters.

So content is King is totally true – from the very first search result, before people get to your site & your content helps them decide whether to visit your site or not. Quality content will always save you money and give your visitors a better experience.

All the very best and thanks for great read above. – Andre
(PS – Even Quality Content In An Email PS with a Call To Action Is Needed)


You have given me some great information yourself so thanks for sharing this with everyone here, cheers


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