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What is fiverr about? – Is it a scam? HELL NO!!!

Fiverr Reviewed

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Fiver Website Review: Get Your Work Done Extremely Cheap!Everything you need to know about fiverr


Is it a scam?……HELL NO!!!

So What is Fiverr About?

It’s about a $1 more than $4…

No, but really, what is it all about?

Well let me show you exactly what it’s all about in this very in-depth Fiverr Website Review

Fiverr Review

Name: Fiverr
Price: can pay anything from as little as $5 up to as much as $995 just for one small job

But it rarely gets as much as that

As you can decide the exact amount you want to spend on each job you need doing

From the many talented freelancers that are showcasing their talents on Fiverr.
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

FIVERR Product Overview

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed

Freelancers use Fiverr to offer services in more than 150 categories, to customers worldwide

Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on its site ranging between $5 and $995

So you can get the work you need to be done for you from the comfort of your own home

Cheap as chips!

The Good & the Bad of Fiverr

The Good:

  • It’s great if you are just starting out in “The website Business” and need a little help setting things up
  • a wide variety of jobs you can choose from
  • Professional people that can accommodate any of your needs
  • Very cheap!

The Bad:

  • There’s only one I can think of and that its too convenient and you might end up never doing anything for yourselves ever again.

Who is Fiverr For?

Anybody – Do you need something done?

Let someone else take care of it!

Get everything from writing help

To designed invitations, to cool gifts, all at an affordable price

Whether you’re building a business, or just Morgan Freeman Voiceoverlooking for something unique

Like a personalized message in Morgan Freeman’s voice, you got it!

The list is absolutely endless

AndI’mm certain you will find what you need in the list of multiple things on offer here

If there’s one wish I could have in the world is to have Morgan Freeman follow me around all the time and narrate my life

How cool would that be?

I have written out a list of every single thing that you can find on Fiverr

So you don’t have to go searching for what you need

Look what you can get for a Fiverr

Video and Animation 

Video and Animation

Fiverr is the world’s home for digital, creative and professional services, providing a one-stop shop for millions of digital services, all at your fingertips

>>> Check Here How To Create An Online Business <<<

Graphics And Design

Graphics and Design

Writing And Translation 

Writing and Translation

Fiverr is the world’s home for digital, creative and professional services, providing a one-stop shop for millions of digital services, all at your fingertips.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

>>> Do You Want A Free Website If Your Very Own? <<<

Music And Audio

Music and Audio

Fiverr gives you instant access to millions of Gigs from people who love what they do, in just a click.

Programming And Tech

Programming and Tech



Your Payments Are Secure

Fun And Lifestyle

Fun and Lifestyle

Fiverr Walkthrough

What is fiverr about

It is such a simple and easy way to request a job

That even a monkey could do it

No, I am not a monkey honestly

But let me walk you through the process anyway

When you first get on the fiverr’s home screen this is what it looks like.

Search for jobs on fiverr












Refine your search

There will be a search bar near the top of the page where you can type in whatever you are looking for

I have just typed in logos as an example

You then have the option to refine your search of what you want the logo on, which format you want it on, the level of the seller, which language you prefer when you need it delivered to you, your price range and the style you need

All in the left-hand side column of the page

Choose your price range and style

Choose file format, seller level, and language














Find one that you like the look of and suits what you need

Find a seller you like

I like the look of this one (circled) as it has a great price that fits into what I can afford and looks very professional

If you click onto it, you will be taken to their information page which shows…

Their profile and details 

Where you can contact them direct

Fivelogomakers profile

At this point, I’m glad I chose this one as the “fivelogomaker” is very easy on the eye

Information of What You Will Get For Your Money

You can get 3 business logos

What you get for the money you pay

Other Prices And Offers

Compare the prices


Compare the packages


Or if you need a little bit more help

Take a look at this short video

Fiverr Support

If there’s anything you need to know that I haven’t covered take a look at the site support page

They have an amazing team that can assist you with anything you need to know or do and are very efficient and get back to you promptly

My Final Opinion of Fiverr

I have only used this once to get my website logo designed and I was quite impressed with the quality and the speed of the delivery.  All logos and the copyrights were sent to me within 3 days of ordering it with their very secure payment options

This was the finished article bringing you the best

Now, how good is that?

Lastly, Fiverr at a Glance…

Name: Fiverr

Price: From as little as $5
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100


If you have anything to say or ask about this post, please feel free to comment below.


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18 comments on “What is fiverr about? – Is it a scam? HELL NO!!!

Fiverr is a pretty good platform and I used it often as a seller. In fact I am still a seller there and have about 400 positive feedbacks. I am a blogger on there and I still get some gigs but not as many as when I was constantly active. If you want to create a brand for yourself it’s a good place to start. Well thought out post.


Thanks, I haven’t used it to sell yet only to buy but I would imagine it could be very lucrative


Hey! I have tried to use fiverr before however it did not work for me. They asked for a lot of experience, which I understand, but since I am new in this world of trying to ear some money online, it was really hard for me to actually get something through fiverr. Great review tho! Thank you for the information 😀


It is quite simple to use so if you ever want any help setting something up just let me know 🙂

Eric Chen

Hello Shwni,

Thanks for sharing your website! The content provided is very clear and easy to navigate. I was actually doing some research on google and stumbled upon your website.

I am new to online marketing and your website was the perfect one to just stumble upon because there are just far too many get rich quick schemes and scams out there.

Thank you so much for sharing this with me and I will most definitely recommend some friends to check it out as well!

Kind Regards,


That’s awesome! Yes there are way too many scams on the internet and fiverr isn’t one of them, i would trust that business with my life


As a new business owner, this is a fantastic review of a great nugget of help!! Love Fiverr


Thanks very much for your great comment 🙂


Hi Shwni,
This is a very thorough article on Fiverr. I actually use the site myself quite regularly for a variety of tasks that I cannot find myself either the time / skill or knowledge to do. I find the prices are reasonable. You get what you pay for. A $5 is going to be lesser quality than say, a $50 article but at least you get the job done! Some of the sellers on Fiverr can be a little lazy and that’s where you have to make sure you read all the reviews on whichever seller you are thinking of choosing. I even hired someone on Fiverr to cast a business success spell for me, and another to do a tarot reading for me. I believe in these things so it was really entertaining. I was also considering putting my services on Fiverr because its a great way to make side income if you have a speciality. Are you on Fiverr as a seller or just a buyer?


I am on Fiverr as both a seller and buyer but I spend more than I make on there. You are right when you say that you get what you pay for in a way but I have paid $5 for an article before and it was just as good, if not better than the one I paid $20 for. So yes, read the reviews before you pay for a service on Fiverr and make sure it’s the one that suits you best.


Thanks for this review! I have been toying with the idea of using fiverr when I came across your article. You have given me a great deal of helpful information that I can use. There are so many choices on fiverr, I didn’t know how to narrow them down but you have given such a great guide that I can now go back and begin what I started. Thanks again for this post!


It’s my pleasure, it can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of sellers on there but make sure to check the reviews before you place an order 🙂


I had no idea Fiverr offered so many different things! I’ve never thought of looking into it as needing the service but I have considered checking it out to offer my writing services. Thank you for the thorough overview of what Fiverr offers! I’m going to check it out!


If you are going to get work in there as a writer, try to stand out more than all the others. See what the top sellers are doing with their profiles and make yours better. Good luck 🙂


Fiverr is definitely not a scam. It is a very good place if you’re looking into outsourcing your projects. You just need to choose the right seller because there are thousands of them in Fiverr. Luckily, they have reviews and ratings that can help you choose the right seller. Plus, their services are really affordable.

Great review. Thanks!


I couldn’t agree with you more, Fiverr has helped me out so much in the past and I will continue to keep using the great services you can get there.


Hi Shwni
what a helpful site and I will definitely go to Fiverr and have a look because I could do with some help creating a new album cover- No I’m not an artist -lol
Thank you for this informative article


Hey, that’s no problem at all. I use Fiverr quite a lot myself and there has only been one instance where I had a bad experience but I got my money back in the end. Just make sure you look at the reviews the seller has before you place an order.


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