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What is Website Hosting?

what is website hosting?

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Beginners Guide: What is Website Hosting And What Are The Options?

Having a website these days is indispensable for any business, whether it is a company or a personal Brand; if you want to be competitive, this service is indispensable. But, how do you put a website online?

Well, the first two things you would need are a domain name and a website hosting service.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is nothing else that the name or address where your website can be found online ( in this case), just the same way you have a physical address where people can look for you if they need to.

Most website hosting companies include it on their packages. So, after you own a domain name, then you can proceed to find the right hosting for you. But, what is website hosting?

What is Website Hosting?what is web hosting?

For any website to exists, it must have a certain amount of files and coding data which are the core of the website, let’s say, the organs, veins, arteries, bones, and muscles of a website. But where do all those parts come together? Well, exactly in the hosting service.

Website hosting uses special computers called “servers” to store all those data and finally shape what the body of your website is. The process of hosting a website is the only way to “upload” the site to the internet so it can be found using the domain name.

When any user searches for your website, the internet links with the server where your site files are stored and this way the user can surf through all the pages according to the design.

Once you own a domain name and select a web hosting plan, then you can officially say you have your own website! But, do you know which hosting plan is the right for you?

What Are The Different Types of Website Hosting?

To really understand what is website hosting, you need to know there’re different kinds of hosting services with
different prices; even though the most expensive ones may look perfect as they allow you to control everything, they also might not be the right for beginners, let’s take a look…

  • Shared

    The most common web hosting service and definitely the right one for beginners or people with less knowledge. In this plan, servers are shared with other websites, having each one the right amount of space to satisfy their traffic needs. Also, it comes pre-configured and the company takes care of maintenance. But it can be slow if any web gets too much traffic and it’s not too flexible about changing configuration, for instance…


WPENGINE                                 WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting



  • Website Builder

    Allows you to both create and host the website with a series of templates. You need no experience at all to have a partially custom website, but there’re a lot of functionalities you won’t be allowed to change. It has a nice cost/value relation, for instance…


  • Cloud Service or VPS

    This hosting service works in a similar way to shared hosting as it also shares the physical server; the difference consists in the fact that this server is split up in as many websites as it hosts
    (maximum 20, usually) and no one takes resources from no one else. This is the best option for medium traffic websites as you can have more flexibility and customization freedom, for instance…


JAGUARPC                                   get web hosting with jaguarpc                         



  • Private or Dedicated Hosting

    This is the most expensive hosting service and it’s recommended for high-traffic websites. As the name indicates, this service is private so you don’t share the server with anybody and you can customize absolutely everything on the code. The bad news is that you need to have a high technical experience to manage it as the responsibility for maintenance and everything is only yours, for instance…


HOSTGATOR                               start a website with hostgatorbuilding a website


Now you know what is website hosting, and if you want to start a website and have no experience, a
WordPress site could be the answer for you, as it is simple to both create and manage. If you’re interested and don’t know how to start, don’t miss our simple guide on How to Download WordPress

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2 comments on “What is Website Hosting?

I really enjoy articles like this, the internet is saturated with information so it’s good to be able to find something in one place. Many people have the misconception of creating a site 123 and done. But it does require some good research. Thank you for sharing


I agree, It’s not always plain sailing so it would benefit you in the long run to do a bit of digging first before jumping in feet first


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